What to do if the child does not want to study new skills

What to do if the child does not want to study new skills

It is possible to tell that each skill which is mastered by the child alienates him from parents. At first the kid enjoys independence, however, when it becomes a daily duty, joy of the kid leaves. Therefore to him easier to say that he is not able to do something. In that case, it is necessary to remind the child, to calm him and to convince that the love and care of parents will not get to anywhere even if on the way troubles and difficulties will meet.


1. If the kid cannot make something, it is possible to suggest him to think where it can learn. The Internet, library and even the ordinary person will help with it. In cases when the child does not cope, mom with dad needs to offer the help, but not to carry out all business for the child.

2. If the kid cannot make or create something as ideally as he would like, it is possible to suggest to execute it in a different way. For example, the little creator wants to draw a lamb. If it is impossible to it, it is worth suggesting to draw this animal in a box. Similar manipulations will give to the kid of confidence in the forces and will force it to strive for the high-ranking goal.

3. Are shown by time of a word of inability because of unwillingness to remain alone with hard and tiresome business. Therefore, parents can suggest to perform a task together.

4. Any child wants not to study something, and already to be able to do it. Sometimes there are roundabout ways which help to master skill quickly enough. Mom and dad should point to these cunning ways only.

5. If to raise a question which means two options before the child, the first – to learn to do something. and the second – that someone performed a task instead of it. Most likely, the kid will choose the second option, however, over time he will want to make something independently.

6. The kid cannot sometimes cope with a problem because for him it seems too big. It is necessary to help them to understand in details in what the reason of failure and to find out that he can independently master and with what it needs the help.

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