What to do if the child dreams nightmares

What to do if the child dreams nightmares

Often parents face problems when they need the qualified help of the expert or a helpful advice. So, for example, the child can dream nightmares which frighten him. If it proceeds not day or two, it is necessary to think that it is possible to make to help the kid.

If your child told you that at night nightmares began to dream him, it is not necessary to ignore this problem. First, it is worth finding out the reason of this phenomenon and, secondly, to make best efforts that the correct actions to try to improve the situation and to liquidate its consequences.

The possible reasons of such problem as nightmares at the child

To understand the events reasons, it is necessary to observe behavior of the kid and to communicate with the child. Perhaps, it will become clear that the problem lies on a surface. For example, the fairy tale told for the night could underline negative sides of some character or focus attention on a frightening episode. Perhaps, your kid heard something unpleasant and disturbing in a conversation of adults or in kindergarten, school. Perhaps, to a bad dream just conflict situation with the friend or problems brought in family.

Physicians note some more serious reasons for children's nightmares: overeating for the night or physical activities before going to bed. After that often there is an overexcitation of an organism, and, filling up, the child cannot relax completely, it continues to be active that leads to such unpleasant consequences as a disturbing dream or nightmares. But sometimes the reason can be much more serious, than above-mentioned. So, the unconscious fear which is given rise by inadvertently frightening word, a look, gesture can pursue the kid. Or thus the hidden disease has an effect.

Necessary actions for elimination of nightmares at the child

For restoration of a normal dream of the child, first of all, the good daily routine which will allow the kid to eat beforehand food is necessary or not to exceed physical activities during the day. Besides, parents should be more attentive to that information which they convey to the child. It should not frighten and disturb him. Thus, it is possible to keep nerves of the tot and to provide him sound and sweet sleep. Of course, if the reason of children's nightmares was what independently will not manage to be solved or corrected, visit of the expert for certain will help with this question. The doctor will choose one of the most suitable methods of treatment and also will teach parents to be more attentive to needs of their children. But sometimes simple measures are more effective, than something another. Do not forget about an opportunity to embrace the child, to caress him and to tell him about the love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team