What to do if the child failed under ice

What to do if the child failed under ice

Winter wonderful season, everywhere hoarfrost and snow sparkle on a frost. Parents and children love joint walks and winter games. But not always winter entertainments can well come to an end. Often there can be absolutely unforeseen situation where the child appeared under ice. No matter yours is a child or the stranger, it is necessary to work quickly and without panic.


1. The first that you have to make is to work as soon as possible more quietly. Your panic can be transferred to the child, and then it will be much more difficult to help him. You have to notify shout it that you are near and go to help it.

2. If other people are near you, call them to the aid. Ask to call the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the ambulance. Use number 101 and 112. If there is nobody nearby, cause the help while you reach the child.

3. Try to find a long stick or a scarf quickly. Approach on the greatest possible distance an ice-hole with the child, be selected on all fours in a plastoon way. Throw to it one end of a scarf or a stick and slowly pull out for other end. Remember that sharp movements are dangerous, ice can not sustain.

4. If you had to plunge into water to pull out the child, try to take off from yourself footwear and as much as possible clothes, the wet clothes will pull you and the child down.

5. After the child was taken from water give him first aid on a situation. Try to transfer him to heat, it can be the room or the car. Take off wet clothes from the child, wrap up in a warm cover or a plaid, give to drink warm drink. If the ambulance and the Ministry of Emergency Situations long reach you, use a maximum of make-shifts on a situation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team