What to do if the child grits the teeth at night

What to do if the child grits the teeth at night

Bruksizm – here the scientific name of a problem of a gnashing of teeth at children and adults. There are data claiming that 1–3%naseleniye have this disease. At children and adults it is shown during night sleep and the gnash from several seconds to several minutes lasts. The bruksizm reasons are up to the end not found out, but there are several theories on the basis of which treatment is based.

As the gnashing of teeth is shown

Bruksizm is a disease which affects children more often, than adults. It is considered that every third child grits the teeth. The gnash is observed only during night sleep and fairly disturbs the child's relatives as lasts from several seconds to several minutes in a row and can repeatedly repeat.

Bruksizm reasons

For exact determination of the causes of a bruksizm at your child it is necessary to see an experienced doctor. Earlier there was an opinion that the bruksizm is caused by digestive tract microbes, however absolute insolvency of this theory is proved today.

There is one more theory which is also considered unproven that the bruksizm arises in the presence of helminths in an organism. Allegedly worms, parasitizing in intestines of the person, reduce production of B12 vitamin and also break absorption of other vitamins an organism which are responsible for normal development of nervous system of the child. There is an opinion that the gnashing of teeth is the peculiar rudiment which got to us from far ancestors who thus ground off the sharp teeth. Many parents, having noticed a bruksizm at the child, recognize, as they had a same problem in the childhood. It can become a basis for an assumption of genetic predisposition of children in whose parents the same problem was detected. But two causes of a bruksizm are considered as the most probable: the gnashing of teeth is caused by the wrong bite and also problems with nervous system.

Ways of disposal of a bruksizm

If the wrong bite of the child became the reason of a bruksizm, then it is impossible to delay with treatment. The fact is that teeth during a gnash intensively rub the friend about the friend because of involuntary strong reductions of maxillary muscles that can lead to considerable deletings of dentine, appearance of caries and also to inflammatory processes in periodontal fabrics. Urgently address the stomatologist, he will develop the special rubber intra oral protective applicator on the upper jaw which will have the individual form and will protect the child's teeth from damage. If the reason in nervous breakdowns, then see a doctor to the neuropathologist. He will reveal because of what there are violations. Protect the child from stressful situations, from excess impressions for day. Do not worry, by 6–7 years, the bruksizm most often passes independently.

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