What to do if the child grows at whimsical

What to do if the child grows at whimsical

One of the important causes of whims is the constant compliance of parents. Besides there are also other reasons which parents have to study.

Already by the end of the first year of life the child begins to realize gradually that it is worth shouting a little, it will be given at once everything that he will want. During this period the character of the child is also put. It grieves parents to punish the child at such age. And when the kid begins to shout, demanding something, such phrase is often heard: "Yes give him, let does not shout". He quickly remembers and understands this phrase.

With age it becomes worse, the child grows at too whimsical. Two- and three-year-old children roll up hysterics on the street and in shop. And mothers tear head hair, being set by a question what to do and how to re-educate the little hooligan. First of all it should be noted that it is wine of parents. Therefore it is better not to follow the tastes of the child and not to raise him spoiled, in this case there will be no question how to re-educate.

The child wishes to achieve the, and the most correct reaction to this situation – tranquility in relation to children's emotions. For example, when the kid in shop shouts, trying to obtain purchase of a new toy, it is better to depart from it on some distance. He will a little take offense, but will surely calm down. Over time the child will understand that hysterics do not help him with achievement of the goal. It is not necessary to shout at the child at all or to raise the voice. He will not calm down as the child at this age is not ready to understand and accept refusal on the requirements. It is necessary to find for the child more time. If the child is full and does not want to sleep, but all the same cries, it is not necessary to be angry at once with him, considering that it simply spoiled. It is quite possible that it is boring for it, he wants to play with someone, and it lacks attention of seniors. The child does not need to be indulged too, namely to follow his tastes. He gets used that everything is permitted to it and grows whimsical and disobedient. It is bad not only for parents who will cease to cope with the child. It is bad also for the kid, and his future.

The children spoiled by parents in the future are not capable to take care of themselves. Boys grow up helpless, waiting that parents will present it both the apartment, and the car. It will be difficult for girls to find the husband as they in each man will look for the one who will execute all their whims. It is necessary to bring up the child delicately, without passing to shouts. For example, if the child too long watches animated films, it is not necessary to switch-off defiantly the TV and it "is impossible" to speak to the child. It is necessary to interest him in some other business, for example a joint game.

And one more important rule. If parents are impulsive, enter the conflict without the reason and become angry very fast, you should not wait from the child for something another. He will not be quiet. Kids in everything parody the parents to certain age. And the last that everyone has to remember, – the child cannot be beaten. It will make him aggressive. It is better to look for other ways of punishment, for example deprivations of animated films or something tasty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team