What to do if the child has a diarrhea

What to do if the child has a diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the most widespread intestinal frustration at children. The chair becomes frequent, liquid, sometimes with slime impurity. There can be other symptoms, such as vomiting, temperature increase, weakness. The main thing at treatment of a diarrhea – preventive measures against dehydration and purpose of a diet.

The infection or improper feeding, reaction to medicines can be the cause of diarrhea at children. The sharp beginning of diarrhea is usually connected with an infection. The bacteria which broke function of intestines, such as salmonellas, colibacillus, golden pathogenic staphylococcus can cause a diarrhea. Intestinal infection can be followed by temperature increase, vomiting. Infection with bacteria most often occurs through dirty hands, food, at contact with the patient. Sometimes the diarrhea is caused by the rotavirus which got to an organism. Besides, diarrhea can be the answer to new products in a diet of the kid, the excessive use of juice. The main threat at diarrhea, especially at small children, - organism dehydration. If vomiting joins a diarrhea, the danger increases. For completion of liquid in an organism the child needs to give the special ready mixes (the glucosic and salt solutions or electrolytes) which are on sale in pharmacy divorced in water. They positively affect restoration of function of intestines, help to acquire liquid and nutrients. If there is no opportunity to go to pharmacy, it is possible to prepare solution independently. For this purpose it is necessary to dissolve in 100 ml. boiled water 1 teaspoon of sugar and pinch of salt. To allow to drink in the small portions, but it is frequent. Except special solutions it is possible to give to the child tea with the herbs possessing protivospalitelny action, for example, a camomile. It is impossible to offer the child of means from diarrhea, intended for adults. If the diarrhea is caused by bacteria, treatment by antibiotics, strictly on doctor's orders is possible.

If the kid has a frequent diarrhea, it is better to exclude any products and to constantly give to drink to the child glucosic and salt solution. During the maintaining normal appetite and absence of frequent diarrhea it is possible to offer it rye small loafs, boiled rice, liquid porridge. If food does not cause strengthening of a diarrhea, mashed potatoes, grated apple are entered into a diet. During diarrhea it is necessary to exclude milk, greasy food, juice from the child's diet. At organism dehydration, ongoing a diarrhea, the followed temperature increase or belly-aches, it is necessary to call urgently the doctor for purpose of treatment.

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