What to do if the child has a nervous tic

What to do if the child has a nervous tic

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The nervous tic is an involuntarily arising and repeating movements in the form of reduction of face muscles, the heads, necks and so forth. Movements can be either unsystematic, or imitating purposeful movements - for example, blinking, licking, a nakhmurivaniye, chewing, the movement of the head and neck in attempt to be exempted from the imaginary pulling together tie. The nervous tic can be suppressed by effort of will to some time. In a dream it disappears, and at nervousness amplifies.

Nervous tic at the child: emergence reasons

Often children of 5-7 and 10-11 years are subject to nervous tics. This phenomenon arises because of psychological experiences. At the same time the nervous tic can appear as a result of damage of central nervous system that happens at epidemic encephalitis.

Besides, inflammatory processes in this area can be the cause of a tic of the person. The movements similar to a tic, also the deficiency of magnesium in an organism is capable to cause. To fill a lack of this microcell, it is necessary to use bean plants – peas and haricot, oat and buckwheat porridges.

It is necessary to remove the cause, and therefore the technique of treatment of a tic depends on its nature. In particular, if it is caused by organic problems, first of all it is necessary to liquidate these problems. However anyway treatment will be rather long-term, demanding observation from the neuropathologist and great patience.

Stressful nervous tic at the child

It is more difficult to cure a stressful nervous tic at the child. Most often the clever and emotional children who are rather developed suddenly begin to show signs of a tic - trembling a century, lips, hands, etc. However it is not a disease, but the feature of the device of nervous system inherent in impressionable kids. Their nervous system is strained more than at phlegmatic persons. Such manifestations long enough last, but by the teenage period they usually gradually disappear. And the quieter and benevolent will be a situation in family, the less at the child will be stresses, the quicker there will pass the nervous tic.

At the child the nervous tic began: what should I do?

It is not necessary to think that just it is necessary to calm down and expect disappearance of manifestation of a nervous tic, idly. On the contrary, it is necessary to reveal all problems in the relations in family, in kindergarten or at school, with friends. Then it is necessary to stop in due time excessive load of the sensitive child. It is impossible to allow various long influences which injure its mentality. Excessive insistence and severity, a lack of attention from parents, their warmth and manifestations of love for the child and also lack of interest in his alarms and cares can easily break composure. The friendly and quiet atmosphere is extremely important for the susceptible child at home. The same can be told about school problems and also tension which is demanded by study, fear of check of school knowledge and assessment of schoolmates. Having found out such moments in all contact places of the child, perhaps, you will be able to define the real cause of a stress. Then it will become much simpler to fight against it. At the same time, it is necessary to help the child to remove internal and external stress. The calming and all-strengthening means, bathtubs, massage will help with it. At the same time it should be taken into account that the medicines influencing nervous system possess also side effects. Therefore the help of the neuropathologist who will prescribe the medicines which are the most suitable to your child is necessary. Also the help of the psychotherapist possessing various special techniques and receptions will be very useful.

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