What to do if the child has a severe vomiting

What to do if the child has a severe vomiting

Severe vomiting can be one of symptoms of any disease. In certain cases vomiting can be dangerous and in itself. Parents should remember that severe vomiting is a serious reason for the address to the doctor.

Nausea and vomiting at children can be reaction to some psychoinjuring event or turn out to be consequence of a serious disease.

Main reasons for vomiting

Such phenomenon often causes a fright in parents. They do not know what could be the reason for vomiting and whether it is worth seeing a doctor in general. The most harmless cause of vomiting - reaction of an organism to a strong fright, long crying. Nausea quickly passes in such cases, and there is no need to address the expert. If before vomiting the child was not exposed to any psychoemotional shock, then the reason can be much more serious.

Often by means of severe vomiting the organism reacts to poisoning with low-quality food, chemicals, medicines. If shortly before it the child ate products of doubtful quality, then parents have all bases to believe that the cause of nausea consists in it.

Practically in all cases the infection with intestinal infection is followed by the severe vomiting. At the same time at the child the high temperature rises, the diarrhea begins. In this case vomiting can be very strong. The child will need immediate medical assistance. The head injury, an acute surgical disease, jamming of a foreign matter in airways can also become the reason of appearance of severe vomiting. All these pathologies are serious already in itself. Parents have to take care of that the kid was examined by the expert.

Than it is possible to help the child at severe vomiting?

If before began to feel sick the child, he was not exposed to any psychological trauma, did not endure change of climate, then the cause of vomiting can be rather serious. Parents need to show the kid to experts surely. If they assume what could cause vomiting, then it is necessary to report about it to the doctor. It will help to make quicker the right diagnosis and to begin treatment. Medical assistance will consist in elimination of the cause of vomiting and the help in prevention of dehydration of an organism. Parents should remember that vomiting is dangerous in itself. If the child is felt sick by more than 3 times a day, then it can become the basis for hospitalization. Installation of a dropper will help to prevent dehydration. If a case not so serious, then parents are able to carry out prevention of dehydration and in house conditions. For this purpose it is necessary to allow the child to drink as often as possible. It is better to offer him compotes or sweet tea. It is possible to buy special medicine which needs to be dissolved in water in pharmacy and to allow the kid to drink several times a day. It will help to fill shortage of salts of sodium and potassium in an organism. At severe vomiting you should not give to the child food if he does not ask it. The organism needs to give the chance to cope with nausea, and additional meal can become for this purpose a hindrance. If kid pulled out several times in a row and his state began to worsen, it is necessary to call crew of emergency medical service urgently.

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