What to do if the child in 3 years rolls up hysterics

What to do if the child in 3 years rolls up hysterics

Three years are an age when the child begins to feel as the individual, independent person. It has own desires which sometimes disperse from opinion of parents that can cause irritation and even hysterics. Besides, at such age children still badly are able to put the desires into words and are upset because of it that too leads to crying and shouts.

Why the child rolls up hysterics?

The child in three years can roll up hysterics for many reasons.

First, children at this age already realized that they are not a whole with mother that they are certain, independent persons. They have own requirements and as small children are not able to wait for patience and at them was not developed yet, they begin to demand to grant their desires right now and, having been refused, strongly are upset and roll up a hysterics.

Secondly, despite independence, three-year-old children want that parents showed as often as possible the love which seemed unconditional earlier, – now they need acts and actions, and words and children cannot regard manifestation of care as love yet.

Thirdly, they are already able to perform the main operations: to go, speak, put on, eat, but they still have not enough opportunities. Therefore often there are fears that it will remain one that it will be thrown. All these feelings too tangled and difficult that they could be put into words, and the child is upset, shouts, cries and rolls up hysterics. Sometimes the kid knows that hysterics help to achieve the and applies this way if wants a new toy, sweets to watch animated films or still to play, in that case it is a way of manipulation which cannot be encouraged. And in many cases children just are not able to control still the negative emotions and show them thus - in the form of hysterics.

What to do at a hysterics?

First of all, when and wherever there was a hysterics to your child, keep calm and you do not fly into a rage. Do not try neither calm it beliefs, nor to stop shout or the bans. It is desirable or not to react to violent manifestations of emotions in any way, or to try to embrace and press to itself the child if the hysterics became uncontrollable. You tell at the same time tender words and console him. Some psychologists advise to go to other room and to leave the kid of one – if it was only cunning manipulation, he will quickly calm down. But at the real hysterics to the child it can become terrible when there is nobody therefore it is better to be near and wait until emotions settle. Do not make concessions at all, even in public when the child demands something – he quickly will understand that it is so possible to lay down the conditions. Parents have to have control over a situation. If the kid begins to behave too violently, he needs to be taken away to safer place. After a hysterics quietly talk to the child, try to put into words because of what he was upset that he understood that it is more effective way to express the desires.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team