What to do if the child is afraid of strangers

What to do if the child is afraid of strangers

In 8 months at the child the fear of strangers begins to appear. This normal development of an instinct of self-preservation. What to do to parents? To study councils for removal of excessive uneasiness.

If the eight-months kid scaredly rejects the father who came back from a week-long business trip or the grandmother after the yesterday's visit, – be not upset. This is not about mental instability of the child. At him successfully and in time the basic instinct of self-preservation was created.

The first alarms

The first stress and the baby is alarmed at visit of the doctor in children's policlinic. Strangers in white dressing gowns finger it, weigh and consider. The inoculation adds negative emotions to the kid.

Help it! Read together for the night the tale of doctor Aybolit, let's look through the book, to consider pictures. Buy toy medical tools and together with him in a white dressing gown "you treat" horses and dolls.

Foreign person

The meeting with foreign people on the street can cause negative experiences in the child. In the world of large volumes everything frightens. For a start try to communicate with small children, their mothers. The circle of contacts will extend, and the kid will perceive foreign people without fear. Ask the friend to speak with you at a meeting quietly, others male voice can cause concern in the kid. Do not conduct purposeful fight against shyness, nervousness and capriciousness of the kid at communication with the stranger. He consciously begins to divide into personal and others', experiences alarm when he sees the people not similar to mom. The fear to lose mom is a fear of novel. Have patience, give to the child time for acquaintance to the stranger. Let your relative will a little sit nearby, will present him a bright soft toy that he the baby understood: this person. To one kid several minutes that sitting on hands at mom are enough, to calm down. Others will need to visit you several times. Some curious children can get on the guest's knees at once.

What does not need to be done

Do not shift care of the child to grandmothers and nurses. If parents devote all the free time to communication with the kid, he is less subject to fears and stresses further. Avoid noisy meetings and crowded places. Do not frighten him in case of disobedience by "foreign uncle" or "babayka". It is impossible to ignore children's fears. Mom will be able to cure this children's grief the love, to protect the kid from the unfamiliar world. By two years the fear of strangers at the child will disappear, and he with pleasure will communicate with all. From you, parents, depends as quickly the child will outgrow the children's experiences.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team