What to do if the child is hurt by an ear

What to do if the child is hurt by an ear

Ear - the complex body which is near a brain and directly connected to a nasopharynx an acoustical pipe. At babies this pass is wider and shorter, than at children of 4 - 5 years that facilitates penetration of an infection into a middle ear at catarrhal diseases.

The inflammatory process proceeding or in an external ear (auricle and external acoustical pass), or on average to fish soup (drum cavity and a membrane, an ear trumpet, cells of a mastoidal shoot of a temporal bone) is the most common cause of pain in an ear. It is important to consider that the ear trumpet connects a drum cavity, on the one hand, and a nasopharynx, to another. Inflammation of an external ear (external otitis) is expressed in hypostasis and reddening of skin around acoustical pass. Can be the reasons: the infection which got through microcracks into skin, inflammation of a hair follicle (furuncle) in external acoustical pass. At infection of skin of a steptokokkama of group A there is an erysipelatous inflammation, hypostasis and reddening of an auricle, emergence of bubbles on skin of external acoustical pass. At the same time body temperature, up to 39 wasps sharply increases.

Inflammation of a middle ear (sharp average otitis) most often arises owing to a catarrhal disease and hit of an infection from a nasopharynx in a middle ear on an acoustical pipe. At children up to 3 years the ear trumpet is wider and shorter, than at children is more senior, it facilitates penetration of an infection. The lack of protective proteins of blood (antibodies) received by the baby from maternal milk also facilitates inflammation emergence. Besides, babies more often and longer are in horizontal position that leads to stagnation of slime in a nasopharynx and to spread of an infection to a middle ear. Hit of milk or mix from a nasopharynx in a middle ear can be the cause of otitis at chest babies.

The main manifestation of sharp average otitis - ear pain on which the baby informs shout he seeks to lay down on a big ear, refuses food because sucking and swallowing strengthens pain. Sometimes very quickly, for one day, sharp otitis passes into purulent, pus breaks through an eardrum and is emitted from an external ear. At a rapid current of a disease and out of time begun treatment complications are possible: mastoidit (inflammation of a mastoidal shoot of a temporal bone), characterized by pain in zaushny area, its reddening and hypostasis; a syndrome of irritation of covers of a brain to which inflammation can extend. He says in spasms, vomiting, decrease in physical activity. At any disease of an ear it is necessary to call the doctor as dangerous forms of otitis happen also at inflammation of an external ear, and at inflammation of a middle ear. The doctor appoints antibiotics and local treatment (warmings up, compresses, ear drops, sosudosuzhayushchy drops in a nose). Before arrival of the doctor if there are no purulent allocations, it is necessary to warm an ear a compress or to insert into a vatu ear, moistened in boric alcohol, or to warm in any other way to reduce pain. For a spirit or vodka compress take a four-layer gauze napkin the size more auricle on 1.5 - 2 cm, in the middle make a cut for an ear, moisten a napkin in vodka or spirit solution (a ratio of water and a spiritist 1:1) and impose on an ear, having placed an auricle in a cut. From above put wax paper, is also 1.5 - 2 cm more than a gauze, cover with a piece of cotton wool which will block paper. Fix a compress by a scarf, having tied it on the child's head. You hold a compress 3 - 4 hours. At purulent otitis the compresses and warmings up are categorically contraindicated. Warm up ear drops with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect to body temperature, having lowered the pipette with a dose of drops in hot water. Curtail a core from cotton wool and accurately place it in external acoustical pass. Warm medicine should be applied on this cotton wool 3 – 4 times a day. It is not recommended to dig in drops in an ear as at purulent otitis, that is at the broken eardrum, they can get into a middle ear and do big harm instead of advantage. At treatment of otitis it is necessary to provide to the baby free nasal breath. Clear the nasal way from slime by means of the pear suction and zhgutik twisted from cotton wool and moistened in baby massage oil. Overturn babies from one side on another to avoid stagnation of slime in a nasopharynx. Put on the scarf or a cap closing ears the head of the child. It is not recommended to bathe the child during a disease, it is only possible to walk when ear pain disappears.

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