What to do if the child lags in development far behind

What to do if the child lags in development far behind

Parents of children with lag in development tell about the disorders to the pediatrician: the kid behaves not as his peers. He does not carry out simple exercises which the others do without effort, does not smile in 3 months, does not speak in 3 years, does not acquire school material, etc.

The lag reasons in development

Before to do something, it is necessary to find the lag reason in development. Parents should not try to solve problems independently, it is necessary to address experts. Strong lag can be connected with the wrong education (parents give to the child of attention a little or, on the contrary, excessively he is sponsored), special development of mentality (arises if during pregnancy and childbirth there were complications), the biological reasons (postponed infections, hereditary diseases).

That the child caught up in development of peers, to find out the reason insufficiently. Experts (the psychiatrist and the neurologist) have to appoint inspection and make the diagnosis. Only after that it is possible to begin complex treatment.

What experts to address if the child lags behind in development?

Psychologists allocate several types of mental lag: the psychological infantility, a delay of somatic origin, nevrogenny problems influencing development, the reasons of somatic origin and organic deviations. Only the children's psychologist or the psychiatrist can define psychological infantility, but even experienced experts often confuse it with the wrong education and overindulgence. Treatment is appointed by the psychologist, as a rule, the behavior of the child is adjusted by means of regular trainings with the psychiatrist and the speech pathologist. Children with an arrest of development of somatic origin are under hyper guardianship of parents. The child is dependent, he does not know how to react to the environment, is afraid of a new situation, cannot make decisions. To compensate lag in development, the family needs to address the psychologist and the teacher, and the first has to work also with parents. Organic violations are pathologies in work of brain function and nervous system. It is difficult to compensate them, complex treatment is required. The Nevrogenny reasons of strong lag in development arise because of adverse climate in family or the psychological injury suffered by the child. There are no problems with brain function, but behavioural reactions are broken. In this case the help of the psychologist, teacher and speech pathologist is necessary. At the first signs of lag in development in the child the parents need to ask for the help experts at once. The longer to postpone a visit to the neurologist or the psychologist, the treatment will be more difficult.

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