What to do if the child licked iron on a frost

What to do if the child licked iron on a frost

Easy frosts – not an occasion to refuse walk with the child. Fresh frosty air is useful to health, the acquired child eats better and more strong sleeps. But at walks on a frost to the mothers and fathers bringing kids to take a breath, it is necessary to be extremely attentive.

Kids are tireless researchers, and in the first few years of life acquaintance to the world around happens generally to attraction of hands and language. The parents who are regularly bringing the child to the yard perfectly know that it is necessary to take away from curious kids of an icicle and pieces of snow. Therefore on walks it is necessary to treat with great attention what is done by the child.

If the kid managed to gorge on snow or ice, at arrival home it is recommended to give activated carbon. Count 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight.

But more problems can bring licking metal objects on a frost. As parents not fixedly observe, not a rarity a situation when the child licked language iron. A metal swing, door handles and doors, the iron handle at a toy shovel – all this can become a danger source.

If the child licked iron on a frost and stuck language, first of all try not to be nervous. A usual situation, and in most cases children cope with it if to calm them and to persuade to satisfy your requests. Further your actions can be such. If the child licked a metal subject of the small size on a frost, it is better to bring quicker it together with this subject to the warm place, trying not to injure gentle skin of language. In heat wait just a little, and iron, having heated up, it will be disconnected.

If the child licked language a swing or the metal surface of the hill on the platform, process of detachment will be more difficult. Examine the place where language stuck. Try to persuade the child to breathe a mouth on this place. Such way can help if the area of touch is small. If it is not your case, it is necessary to work in a different way.

Warm water is necessary for you. Ask about the help of neighbors or somebody who stayed at home. Independently it is worth running behind water, only if the child and him it is possible to leave rather big for several minutes. Water with warm water iron, trying not to blister a tongue. It is possible to direct a stream from a teapot to area slightly below than sticking. As soon as iron enough is warmed, language will be released.

If in language there was a wound, once a doctor sees. Do not give to the child of hot drink or food until it begins to live. Try to explain to the kid in time, to behave properly on walk, do not take in the frosts on the street of a toy containing metal details.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team