What to do if the child mixed day and night

What to do if the child mixed day and night

Many parents came up against a situation when the child confuses day with a night. The kid can perfectly sleep at a daylight and behave actively in the dark. As a rule, the baby himself will reconstruct in the necessary mode over time. But it is better to help it that this process was not dragged out for a long time.

In order that the kid could be adjusted on the correct mode of a dream and wakefulness first of all make sure that he is not hungry, he is not disturbed by wet diapers or a diaper, with it does not interfere congestion of a nose. Perhaps, your kid spends not enough energy during the day, walks a little and moves. Add to his life more active games, for example, of ball game, clockwork toys behind which he can last, creep and run. Do not forget also about psychological loading, besides physical. Talk to the baby, sing songs, listen to music, dance. You spend in the fresh air more time, do massage and charging. At the same time you watch that the kid did not overtire. Do not change him the mode very sharply. You hold all entertainments and outdoor games in morning and day time, having left quiet classes on evening that before going to bed the baby it was not overexcited.

If your kid very long sleeps in the afternoon, try to reduce this time gradually. To take rest, be gathered puny strength for games, the healthy child has enough two hours. Try to awake the baby at first for five minutes earlier, then on ten and more until its daytime sleep reaches norm.

Preparing for night sleep, observe a ritual habitual to the kid (bathing – feeding – a lullaby) in which the bathing calming and relaxing the baby has to take the important place. It is possible to add to water broth of the calming herbs – mints, a valerian. During night feeding or change of a diaper do not talk to the kid that it gradually could acquire that night – not time for communication. It is convenient to put the baby to bed in a special bag (envelope) which you can independently buy or sew. In an envelope the kid can freely move, but at the same time will not reveal and will not freeze, will not awake himself with sharp movements of legs or hands. If within a month the kid is not able to reconstruct the mode, see a doctor. The expert will help to reveal or exclude at the kid of a disease of nervous system, internals which can be tied with a sleep disorder.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team