What to do if the child refuses a feeding up

What to do if the child refuses a feeding up

Introduction of a feeding up is one of the major stages in life both the kid, and mom. Naturally, each parent tries to choose the best, useful and healthy products for the child, but not always the child agrees to eat them, tries to spit out food or to push out a spoon. The situation is quite widespread, but it is easy to cope with it if to show a certain sharpness.

The feeding up for the children who are on natural feeding is carried out approximately to half a year, for bottle-fed babies slightly earlier: 4.5 - 5 months. At all babies the emetic reflex is strongly developed, it is put by the nature that the kid could not choke with saliva, the emetic masses, lumps from non-uniform food. Usually pushing out reflex remains up to 5-6 months, but here everything is individual.

If the baby flatly refuses food, is bent and cries, it makes sense to wait for few weeks, but if it did not bring desired result, then it is necessary to begin to work. It is important to develop interest in food and meal at the child, for this purpose it is possible to take the child at a table, to give a spoon, an empty plate, let studies them in a game, then adaptation to new products will take place much easier and quicker.

The consistence of food is important, the child got used to breast milk therefore it is difficult to it to swallow even liquid uniform puree. Some mothers go on cunning and add to a feeding up a little bit the adapted mix or breast milk, over and over again reducing their quantity. As milk or mix it is approximately equal to body temperature, respectively, the feeding up should not be hot or cold.

It is impossible to begin to lure at all the child if he is sick, the inoculation is necessary or teeth are cut through, it is better to postpone this moment for several days.

It is better to give a feeding up in the first half of day and on a hungry stomach, the full child will hardly eat even very tasty food.

You should not experiment with a feeding up daily, each new product can be entered not more often than once a week.

It is impossible to feed violently the child at all or to try to push into him food cunning, it will lead to the wrong understanding of a ritual of meal.

If all known ways to feed the child of results did not give, some mothers advise to put before the child firm vegetables and fruit, that is those which he cannot bite off and give to play independently a little bit them in the course of the game the child, perhaps, will want to lick or suck some piece and, can quite be, it will like new taste.

When the child reached six-month-old age, it is necessary to feed only from a spoon. The main error of most of parents is that they strongly dilute a feeding up and give it from a small bottle.

Since recent times in children's shops and pharmacies nibblers, this adaptation similar to a pacifier with holes were available for sale. In a nibbler impose any product and give to the child, and it, in turn, exhausts new food from there.

When it is possible to begin to lure the child?

There are several criteria by which mothers have to be guided:

- the child independently sits;

- the pushing-out (emetic) reflex disappeared;

- the weight of the kid doubled from the moment of the birth.

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