What to do if the child suffers from travel sickness in the car

What to do if the child suffers from travel sickness in the car

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For many families having the car, trips with the child turn into a problem, because of the fact that the kid rocks to sleep on the way. And there is it both to babies, and to teenagers. I hope that you will be helped by the recommendations based on own experience.

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1. Put on before a trip to wrists to the child TravelDream bracelets. Beads on bracelets, influencing certain points on hands, help to avoid nausea at the movement of the car. They can be applied from 2-year-old age. Perfectly help also the adults having the same problems. Only it is necessary to buy bracelets for adults.

2. If the road is necessary distant, feed the child in 1.5-2 hours prior to a trip with nourishing proteinaceous food (to avoid fat and dairy) with something sour-salty (for example, chicken with a piece of salty cucumber). Do not allow it to gorge on on the way, especially fast food products (hamburgers, Coca, pies). In 30 min. prior to a trip give to the child Dramin's medicine. It is absolutely harmless, but is very effective from a motion sickness and seasickness.

3. From a motion sickness the ginger and products containing it well helps. The fresh root will hardly be to the taste to the child, and the segments here candied can allow to be taken behind a cheek several times during the trip.

4. Strangely enough, if the child at the beginning of the trip takes in palms and will clamp 2-3 small stones in cams, then nausea will manage to be avoided too. Obviously, it is connected with impact on acupuncture points on palms of hands too.

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