What to do if the child too often is ill

What to do if the child too often is ill

In category of often ill carry children who more than four times a year complain of the indisposition caused, for example, ORVI/ORZ. If the child too often is ill, it complicates both his life, and life of parents. What can be undertaken in such situation? How it is possible to strengthen children's health?

Before undertaking any concrete measures, it is necessary to establish the exact prime cause why the child often is ill. For this purpose it is required to make the corresponding tests, to descend on reception as to the pediatrician, and to visit the gastroenterologist, the immunologist, the otolaryngologist. The child can have various reasons of the weakened immunity. They are capable to originate even during pre-natal development, to arise in view of psychological influences and stressful factors (psychosomatics) and so on. If not to reveal and to try to remove the main reason, then any other measures will not bring special results or will turn back only temporary effect.

It is important to note impact of psychosomatic factors on the immune system at children's age. No ways of correction of a state help if the reason is in children's fears, in a family microclimate, in internal emotions and experiences of the child. If parents notice that the child began to catch a cold, complain often of belly-ache if there were any symptoms of other painful states, and drugs and phytotherapy do not yield result, there is an occasion to address for consultation the children's psychologist or at once to go to reception to a psikhosomatolog.

10 councils for strengthening of children's health

  • It is necessary to try to get rid of all background and slow diseases. It is regularly necessary to drive the child to the stomatologist. Problems with teeth or gums, any inflammatory processes in a mouth undermine immunity.
  • It is important to balance a children's diet. To add to food it is more than useful products which will be rich not only with vitamins, but also various minerals. Will be useful if the child very painful, from time to time to give vitamins, active nutritional supplements. Herbal teas can favorably be reflected in the immune system, however only too in case the child has no allergy.
  • You should not bring often the child who is regularly ill and easily catches a cold, to actions where there will be many people. During recovering from a disease it is necessary to avoid exhibitions, concerts, performances and other. Useful will minimize amount of time which the child spends to the subway or public transport.
  • Hardening – a great option for strengthening of health at children's age. However it is not necessary to send at once the child to bathe in an ice-hole in the winter or to pour over him ice water from legs to the head. To temper it is necessary to begin gradually, it is necessary to work accurately, watching closely reactions of a children's organism and keeping track of health of the child.
  • The physical activity, sports activities positively affect health. It is possible to sign up the child in children's group on yoga if for any reasons to visit other sports sections there is no opportunity. However even simple house charging or amateur classes any sport, for example, badminton or skis, can have a positive impact on children's immunity.
  • What to do if the child very often is ill? It is recommended to walk more when the health allows, to observe the correct day regimen. Frail children need bigger amount of time for a dream, than all the rest. You should not forget also basic rules of personal hygiene. It is necessary to accustom the child to wash surely hands and to wash a face, having returned from the street, to regularly brush teeth and so on.
  • Quite often the immunity suffers because of shortage in a vitamin D organism. In summertime it is necessary to try to happen more often to the child on the street in a sunny weather. In winter season and at adverse climatic conditions the UF-lamp is capable to help.
  • It is whenever possible necessary to protect the child who regularly gets sick, from stresses and a nervous situation. Often stressful influence from the outside is a provoker for a disease, exhausts the immune system. It is important to remember that children very often "zerkalit" the parents, adopt their reactions and a manner of behavior. If parents very disturbing, uneasy, timid, these lines are given to the child. And similar emotions and states negatively influence a psychoemotional background, nervous system, lead to weakening of protective functions of an organism.
  • It is necessary to try to avoid treatment of the child by means of antibiotics. Such strong medicines suppress activity not only harmful bacteria, but also useful microorganisms. They strike a serious blow in internals, can become the cause of dysbacteriosis. It is proved that the child for whom dysbacteriosis is diagnosed has catarrhal and other diseases very often. If it is impossible to refuse antibiotics, then it is necessary after to conduct a course of the restoring therapy.
  • It is necessary to correct loadings which are received by the child, for example, studying at school. Overexcitation and an overstrain negatively is very frequent affect health and oppress work of the immune system.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team