What to do if the child turns over in a dream on a stomach

What to do if the child turns over in a dream on a stomach

Many small children like to sleep on a stomach that brings to parents a lot of alarms: whether the child whether it will be convenient to him will choke whether he will choke in a dream. For such careful parents there are several receptions which will help the kid to fill up and wake up on a back.


1. First of all, It is necessary to tell that the dream on a stomach at the child is not so dangerous as many parents are afraid. It is a natural pose for the baby, much more convenient, than a dream on a back. When the child turns over on a stomach, it tightens legs to a breast, his body is grouped, the pose reminds that what was in mother's womb. In such situation the load of a backbone decreases, the kid does not need a pillow. He quite quietly can oversleep in this situation till the morning.

2. However parents understand that if the child buries a mouth and a nose in a mattress or srygnt in a dream, it can lead to SDVS - a syndrome of sudden children's death when the kid just chokes in a dream, without realizing it and having been unable to call to the aid. Manifestations of this syndrome in the first year of life in panic are afraid practically all parents. Therefore continue to stack on a back of the children even after they learn to turn over as a stomach independently.

3. One of ways to cope with similar revolutions in a dream is hard swaddling of the child. Not for nothing still quite recently kids were strong wrapped in diapers and left so on all night long. In such situation the baby calms down quicker, does not beat herself with handles, and therefore does not wake up and does not turn over in a dream. However there are also minuses: this extremely uncomfortable position for the kid. Present that you have no opportunity to move all night long. Then no rest will turn out, the body will be ill and ache. So occurs also at the kid, hard swaddling harms blood circulation and supply of all bodies with oxygen.

4. The child in a dream needs to move as well as to the adult therefore his revolutions on a stomach after 5-6 months are almost inevitable. But at this age the syndrome of SDVS is already not so terrible, as for babies of 1-3 months. That the kid woke up as little as possible and uneasily rushed about in a dream, before going to bed he needs to be calmed properly. Do not undertake any noisy games in 1-1.5 hours before going to bed, make to the child the calming massage, give to drink him kefir or milk, read the quiet fairy tale or verses, sing a lullaby. Then in a dream the child will behave quietly too and perhaps will even oversleep all night long, without turning over.

5. If you are afraid of perevorachivaniye of the kid, it is possible to enclose on both sides from the child firm pillows which obstruct his traffic in a dream. Even in the best way will put the kid to bed not in a spacious bed, and in a cradle which well outlines a body of the child and allows it to lie only in one situation - on a back. The dream in a cradle will be preferable to children up to 5 months, then the child becomes already too large and mobile normally to get enough sleep in the closed space.

6. The dream with parents most of all is pleasant to children. Sometimes and for parents this best means not to worry for the kid and not to rise to his bed several times in a night. However the child, as a rule, very difficult is disaccustomed to such dream. Therefore it is whenever possible best of all to accustom the kid to the bed and the correct position for a dream in it at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team