What to do if the child was beaten at school

What to do if the child was beaten at school

The child's relations with peers not always develop safely, especially at teenage age. If the child is exposed to aggression from schoolmates, parents in forces to change a situation.

Medical and law-enforcement care

What there were first emotions of parents if there was a fight in school, first of all it is necessary to pay all attention to the child. By means of fluent survey it is impossible to reveal presence of internal injuries and damages therefore even in the presence of couple of bruises and grazes it is better to ask for the qualified medical care.

For initial survey it is necessary to invite the school health worker. If there is no such opportunity, and the severity of the done injuries is externally rather high – it is necessary to cause emergency medical service.

If the child was beaten at school, parents, as a rule, seek to punish the offender in every way. For further trials it is necessary to draw up the statement of time which happened to the instruction, dates and also participants and consequences of the event. The act is certified by several representatives of school personnel. In situations when the school reputation is under the threat, it is possible to meet obstacles from the management of educational institution and lack of any assistance in trial of similar cases. If the staff of school refuses writing and assurance of the act, it is possible to contact police and to call the representative of law enforcement agencies directly in school on the crime scene. Sometimes such option works even if it is simple to sound it. After obtaining the act it is necessary to address for more thorough survey in the next hospital department or emergency station. There have to record existence of a beating also. After that parents should make the decision on for what punishment they wait for hooligans.

Compensation and responsibility

To receive compensation of moral and physical harm, it is enough to appeal to court with the statement. If the offender's parents people adequate, it is possible to avoid and lawsuits – it is possible, at first it is necessary to discuss this issue with them. In order that the offender bore criminal liability, it is necessary to submit the application to the police. According to the Criminal code of the Russian Federation, the persons which reached 16-year age are responsible for the actions if the little harm is done to health, and 14-year-old – if to health of the victim harm is done to average weight, or heavy. It is necessary to consider that the management of school and the teacher exercising supervision of children will also bear responsibility for beating of the child at school if it happened during educational process or during other pastime of the child at school under supervision of the teacher.

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