What to do if the child was lost in other city

What to do if the child was lost in other city

In the middle of the holidays many think only of where to go what hotel to choose what to take in a trip. But very few people think of what to do if in others city the child is lost.

During the trip there can be a lot of things, and the child can be lost. It seems that it is impossible, but similar situations nevertheless meet and it is necessary to be to them ready and to prepare in advance and the child.

If during the trip you went by transport, and the child remained (or on the contrary), it is necessary to discuss in advance what to do. The best option for the child is to get off at the next station and to wait at it for parents, without leaving anywhere. If you left, and the child remained, then he also should not leave a stop and wait for your return.

If the child was lost in the public place – movie theater, shop, the park, shopping center, then some time it has to remain on one place, and after that address the administrator or the police officer. If under review there is neither that, nor another, it is necessary to prepare the child for that he just began to call parents. In this case someone from the adults passing by will help. But in this case the child should not agree to go with the stranger somewhere at all. Having lost on the street, it is desirable to come into any establishment and to ask to call the police. If this foreign state, is always recommended to have a label with a name of the child and parents and also with the contact phone number and the address of hotel. If not a label, then a note which the child will be able to show police. The child should not come into entrances at all or agree to that he was given a ride by the stranger by car. Parents in turn have to look round attentively on the parties, loudly call the child if he was suddenly lost. Just in case it is necessary to carry with itself the recent photo of the child, especially if you are abroad. In the public place it is necessary to report at once about loss of the child on a public address system. If the child was not found within half an hour, it is necessary to contact police. Most important council: it is always necessary to look attentively for the child that above-mentioned councils were not useful. And if the child was lost, but as a result was, he cannot be abused at all as he already had a severe stress.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team