What to do if the child was stung by a wasp

What to do if the child was stung by a wasp

Summer – the best season to have a rest with children outdoors or at the dacha. Children constantly walk in the summer, play in the street, are in the world around actively interested. But at this particular time the stinging insects are very active. And parents need not to forget about such troubles as stings of bees, wasps or hornets. If your child disturbed these hardworking insects, then not to avoid a sting.


1. Do not kill a wasp or a bee if it stuck the sting into skin. It can provoke attack of other wasps. Better just frighten off it, having waved a hand.

2. Do not pound the place of a sting. If there was a sting, then accurately pull out it nails or tweezers. If the sting does not give in (it can be with a sting of a bee since it at them is a little jagged), then apply ice to the place of a sting and address in emergency medical service.

3. If you managed to pull out a sting, then neutralize the poison which got into skin. Pound the place from a sting of a wasp lemon juice or powder of aspirin. They have the acid environment and neutralize alkaline poison of wasps. Poison from a sting of bees – acid therefore process the place of a sting soap solution. If you did not see who exactly bit the child, then process the place of a sting alcohol or peroxide of hydrogen, then apply the compress moistened in hydrochloric solution (on a glass of warm water of 1 tsp of salt).

4. For removal of pain and hypostasis give to the child an antihistamine tablet. Outdoors it is possible to manage folk remedies: plantain leaves, juice of a dandelion or piece of a cucumber. These plants will remove hypostasis and will reduce pain.

5. If the child has an obvious allergic reaction (the complicated breath, severe hypostasis of the bitten place, rash on a body), then it is worth giving immediately to the child antihistaminic medicine and to process the place of a sting antiallergic ointment, for example, fenistily. If the child was bitten not by one bee or a wasp, then immediately call the ambulance. Stings of the stinging insects are very dangerous to children, they can cause serious consequences.

6. To avoid stings of wasps or bees, it is worth avoiding flower fields and bright clothes and also spirits with sweet and flower aromas. They attract bees and wasps. If the child ate something sweet (candies or fruit), then after a meal wipe to it hands and a mouth that the smell of sweets did not attract wasps.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team