What to do if the child was traumatized in kindergarten

What to do if the child was traumatized in kindergarten

Cones, grazes and bruises – invariable attributes of any normal childhood. With arrival of the child in kindergarten the situation is only aggravated. The trauma in kindergarten is the first what parents should be prepared for.

It is required to you

  • - first aid kit;
  • - records from surveillance videocameras;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - health policy.


1. If reported to you about the event by phone, try to arrive to kindergarten at once. Without the permission of parents the staff of kindergarten has no right to send the child to traumatology.

2. Before looking for guilty of the event, it is necessary to examine the child and to plan the actions according to severity of a trauma. Find out when and as there was a trauma in kindergarten. If employees only make a helpless gesture and show full ignorance, ask to show records from surveillance videocameras.

3. Ask whether there was a pre-medical help to the child and what it consisted in. The help at injuries appears medical personnel of kindergarten or any other employees in its absence.

4. At inspection in emergency station it will be offered to you to sign refusal of claims to the staff of kindergarten. Do not make the decision in a temper, try to assess a situation objectively. Think whether there could be something similar if you were near the child.

5. If you consider fault of tutors or their colleagues obvious, and their actions after the incident incompetent, then do not agree to refusal signing. Then all materials will be transferred to police which will control further conducting check and also will resolve an issue of initiation of administrative or criminal case.

6. Sometimes, that the staff of kindergarten shows negligence in relation to health of the pupils, tries to hide the event and even if it did not work well, "to hush up business". In this case write the complaint to prosecutor's office.

7. The trauma of the child what was degree of its weight needs treatment. Irrespective of the reasons and factors the kindergarten is always responsible for the event. Therefore if you consider expenses on treatment of the child incommensurable to the income, the necessary sum should be collected from kindergarten. However before entering long lawsuits, try to discuss this issue with administration of a garden. Often compensation of means happens on a voluntary basis.

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