What to do if the girl has many male fellow

What to do if the girl has many male fellow

Some girls prefer to refuse female friendship, and to bring to themselves friends among representatives of an opposite sex. However, if the woman has a beloved, he not always approves such behavior.


1. If your beloved has a wide range of communication, and most of her friends are men, it is not necessary to arrange at once interrogation concerning that with which of them she had some relations, except friendly. You do not exhaust yourself groundless jealousy. Talk to the soulmate on this subject. Explain that her communication with other guys is not absolutely pleasant to you.

2. Very often girls bring male fellow just because consider such friendship the most sincere. They are afraid that friends girls will be able to betray them, are afraid of rivalry. To be on friendly terms with guys much more simply. Ladies should not worry that the friend will take away at them darling or will look more attractively. Try to find out from the soulmate why she prefers to be on friendly terms with men, but not weak.

3. You should not try to limit communication of your girl with her friends. If you try to make it, most likely, your behavior will cause in her negative reaction that will lead to your quarrel. And hysterics and scandals will definitely not bring anything good in your relations. Just reconcile to the fact that your soulmate has many true friends who for certain respect and appreciate her. It says only about positive lines of its character. The best that you can make is to ask the darling to acquaint you with her friends. Believe, she will precisely estimate your desire to become a part of her life, to recognize people who are dear to it. Besides positive reaction of the beloved, you will benefit also for yourself. From now on you will be able to spend time in the company of the girl and her friends, will watch her communication with representatives of an opposite sex and learn to trust it. Also you will find new friends if you correctly behave. One more plus of communication with friends of the soulmate is the fact that they will be able to help you to know this girl better. For certain her friends during joint rest will tell you some interesting stories from her life, about her some merits, about its tastes and preferences.

4. Learn to respect the choice of the darling. The harmony and mutual understanding has to reign in the relations between the man and the woman. If you do not like her behavior, do not hide it, have a heart-to-heart talk better, otherwise the smallest innuendoes can lead to big problems further.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team