What to do if the kid has a lock

What to do if the kid has a lock

Digestion of the child "learns" to work up to three years, and sometimes longer. Intestines of the kid go a long way from full sterility at the birth before digestion of adult food. On this way there are also difficulties. A lock – very frequent problem of kids. Let's understand in what ways, safe for health of the child, it is possible to fight against a lock.

For the newborns eating exclusively breast milk, the lock is not characteristic. It is normal that the chair at the newborn happens time in several days. As well as a chair up to 12 times a day, all this norm options. If after all your maternal intuition prompts to you that the kid suffers with a lock, the first that you can make, it to begin to enter water into the child's food. Liquid strengthens an intestines vermicular movement, helps to depart to gases and dilutes a chair. Try to begin to give to the kid water from a spoon, at first gradually. Also from a lock at absolutely small child the massage of a tummy clockwise will help. The same massage is performed also to removal of pain at intestinal gripes at babies.

If the kid on artificial feeding, then drink of water is for it obligatory. Mix is much more difficult acquired, than breast milk. And water helps digestion of the kid and reduces load of his kidneys.

Now it will be a question of children who have in a food allowance not only breast milk or mix. As well as in a case with babies, for the grown-up kids plentiful drink of water – the most certain way of prevention of locks.

It is possible to regulate a chair of the child and by means of products in his menu. In case of a lock well will approach: prunes puree, apricots, pears, juice from plum. Useful will also monitor reaction of intestines of your child to each new product of a feeding up. Happens that some products give uncharacteristic reaction at your child. For example, beet traditionally is considered a product which is a purgative. But beet always causes very strong lock in my child.

Be careful when you give to the kid fruit which are a purgative: first, make sure that on these products there is no allergy; secondly, metabolism of the kid very fast; you should not panic and give it to bank of prunes if the kid once did a poo slightly more densely than usual. Such actions you will easily relax intestines of the kid too strongly. Before undertaking measures for elimination of a lock, make sure that it is really a lock with which intestines of the kid itself will not cope.

If you noticed tendency of the child to locks, exclude or minimize such products in his diet as: rice, sugar, white loaf, potatoes. Surely you feed the kid with vegetables - in them a lot of cellulose, helping digestion of the child. Dobavlyaey in vegetables a teaspoon of olive oil. It is useful and too strengthens an intestines vermicular movement.

In case it is impossible to correct a chair of the child by means of food, it is possible to resort to medical ways. But it is necessary to do it only in extreme cases when urgently it is necessary to help the kid! For children since the birth the medicine "Duphalac" is safe. It promotes softening of a chair. Effect of this medicine can be a little delayed in time.

It is possible to apply glyceric candles also. If it did not turn out to buy nurseries, just cut a candle lengthways on 4 parts. Introduction of candles is painful and unpleasant for the kid. Besides, both Duphalac, and glyceric candles do not debug digestion of the kid. After their application you need all the same to correct the child's food to strengthen a vermicular movement of intestines and to make a chair of the kid softer. Any laxatives have to be applied by you only in cases when it is necessary to help the kid urgently.

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