What to do if the newborn is hurt by a stomach

What to do if the newborn is hurt by a stomach

Frequent just been born child has the causes of belly-ache an increased gas generation or intestinal gripes. Similar problems are result of a number of the mistakes made when feeding the kid. The wrong feeding, the mixed food or early introduction of a feeding up belongs to such mistakes.

It is required to you

  • - warm diaper;
  • - fennel seeds;
  • - boiled water;
  • - grass of a sage, train, peppermint or marjoram.


1. Spread a warm diaper on a plain surface then put the child on a stomach for 15-20 minutes. If the kid is capricious and refuses to lie out of mother's hands, take him, having shifted to the adult's knees facedown. In case the child continues to cry, do not force it to lie, take the kid on hands better and, having covered with a warm diaper, wear on hands. By all means stroke the kid on a back, and over time he will calm down.

2. Make preventive massage. For this purpose lay out the kid on a back. A hand palm with soft pressing not to hurt the newborn, do slow circular motions by a hand in the direction clockwise. Exercise can be done to full calm of the child. Take the child's legs both hands. Draw in legs from the straightened state knees to a tummy. Exercise is done 10-15 times and promotes an exit of the accumulated gases. Such mini-charging can be carried out as required during wakefulness of the child, or when changing a diaper.

3. Before laying for sleeping make a bath for the kid. Add infusion from a grass of a marjoram, a peppermint, a camomile or a sage to warm water. Herbs possess the calming action and will assist in removal of a painful spasm.

4. Continue to spread before each feeding the newborn on a tummy. After feeding surely take the kid on hands and within 5-10 minutes you walk with it round the apartment. Being in vertical direct position, the child will independently let out the air which got into a stomach during feeding.

5. For avoidance of swallowing air by the newborn during applying to a breast, surely you watch the correct position of the child. When sucking the kid completely takes lips a nipple areola, and the provision of a nose provides it free breath.

6. Develop the mode in feeding of the child. The interval between feedings cannot be less than 2-3 hours. Otherwise food does not manage to be acquired in not up to the end created stomach of the kid.

7. At emergence of repeated symptoms of intestinal gripes, prepare dill water. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in with boiled water fennel seeds in a proportion: one glass of boiled water on a teaspoon of seeds. Leave the turned-out infusion before cooling. Give dill water to the child instead of drink. Such idle time in preparation infusion will help the kid to cope with gas generation and a meteorizm, and also to prevent their repeated emergence.

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