What to do if the teenager for the first time fell in love

What to do if the teenager for the first time fell in love

The first love, the cleanest and innocent experiences in the teenager's soul. Parents should be on the alert and not to neglect rules of communication with teenagers.


1. When your child was overtaken by the first romantic experiences, the main goal of parents is to adjust relatives, friendship, you have to be always open for communication, are ready to give advice and to support.

2. Even if an object of attachment of your maturing child is far from an ideal, do not criticize and do not deride it. It is possible to hurt feelings of the teenager, he will cease to trust you and to communicate on this subject.

3. It is impossible to strictly forbid, to put ultimatums, to threaten, it will only inflame feelings of the teenager more and will push on feats. Do not react to love of the child aggressively, keep calm, otherwise reaction will be the same.

4. You should not give at once lectures about danger of early sex life, unwanted pregnancy and diseases, sexually transmitted. Teenagers only learn to communicate, come into contact with each other and of anything it do not think yet, and parents the to actions attract interest in this subject in advance.

5. During this difficult period the teenager categorically perceives lectures therefore it is possible to tell unostentatiously stories from private life about difficulties which arose also how you overcame them. It is the best of all to share personal experience.

6. Often teenagers choose as an object of love of the person inaccessible. Here not to do without parents' council and support. Discuss the possible action plan how to begin to communicate as it is correct to look after and show attention. Maintain self-confidence in the child. Perhaps, it is worth changing a hairstyle, to begin to do sports. It is so possible to accustom the child to the correct actions, to romanticism, it far better, than tears because of one-way love, suffering and suicide thoughts.

7. If teenagers began to meet, it is possible to invite on a visit subject to lamentation of your child, will get acquainted, to improve the friendly relations. You will be able to see and estimate the relations of children personally. Allow youth to meet at home, teenagers, will be under supervision and they should not look for doubtful places for meetings.

8. During the teenage period, the maturing child, demands respect. It will be necessary to communicate with it as equals, only this way, you to cause trust, and the teenager will be able freely to share all feelings and experiences.

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