What to do if waters departed

What to do if waters departed

Emergence of transparent liquid in rather large volume from a genital tract in the second half of pregnancy can mean a premature otkhozhdeniye of amniotic waters and the beginning of premature patrimonial activity.

Otkhozhdeniye of amniotic waters if it happened up to 38-40 weeks of pregnancy - a complication of its current and is rather dangerous just because waters can depart also without the beginning of patrimonial activity, and it, in turn, is fraught with a possibility of development of the ascending infection and infection of mother and her child.

At an otkhozhdeniye of waters there is light, a little opalescent liquid which in house conditions is very difficult for distinguishing from urine. In the conditions of laboratory the analysis helping to establish precisely composition of liquid and its origin takes only several minutes. For this reason in case suspicion on premature appears or early (prior to regular patrimonial activity) an otkhozhdeniye of waters, it is necessary to ask for emergency medical service immediately. At the same time for transportation of the woman in a maternity hospital or gynecologic office it is better to call the carriage of emergency medical service which doctors will be able to execute all necessary manipulations. And to transport woman, especially on pregnancy terms which did not reach 38 weeks (term of the birth of the normal, viable child) yet is better in a prone position.

Whenever possible, at the pregnancy term which does not reach this boundary yet, it is necessary to try to gain a small amount of liquid in clean glasswares – it will allow to make the analysis for that time that documentation in the accident ward will be made out. At small dribble of liquid from a fetal bubble the hospitalization of the woman in a maternity hospital is obligatory – it will allow doctors-obstetricians of a message long dynamic observation of a condition of mother and a fruit and also will give the chance to appoint antibiotics of a broad spectrum of activity that will allow to prevent development of the sharp ascending infection of internal genitals of the woman in labor. The appointed antibiotics have no negative impact on the child's organism, but promote prevention of patrimonial sepsis. Never it is necessary to stay at home in a case even of the slightest dribble of amniotic waters – in this case patrimonial activity can begin at any time, but there is no guarantee that it will be possible to bring the woman to medical institution in time. And the danger of development of tetanus in case of a premature and early otkhozhdeniye of amniotic waters remains very high. The woman can use sanitary pads, but they cannot usually help to cope with a problem. And here what definitely should not be done to the woman after amniotic waters departed, so it to take a shower or to wash in a bathtub, wishing to arrive to medical institution of clean.

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