What to do if you have a sensitive child

What to do if you have a sensitive child

The offense is absolutely useless and very harmful feeling for the child. It presses on an emotional condition of the kid since he, owing to the age features, does not seek to look for the offense reason, or to solve a problem, and concentrates on the feelings, in every way trying to cause sense of guilt in the offender. For the child the offense is a discrepancy of reality with its expectations. If, in response to its requests, mom did not buy the desirable machine, then the child will take offense. Will not begin to roll up hysterics in shop, and will become reserved and will try to obtain sense of guilt from mom.


1. This problem is characteristic for children over three years. To this age children act without reflecting. They either cry, or fight with the offender, or just leave ""battlefield"". And here years with four children begin to manipulate people around, influencing their conscience. In general almost all children take offense and it is difficult to disaccustom them to it completely. But if your child pouts in an occasion and without - it is time to sound the alarm.

2. Offense for the child it, realized or not, a way of drawing attention. When adults begin to calm him, it is considered for the kid recognition of his and his requirements. Usually it occurs in families where pay to the child not enough attention where all are busy with the affairs. Then the offense is a way to summon tenderness of parents. But often the offense has under itself the reasons: the child cannot express in a different way the feelings and the most available to it a way - it is obvious to show the offended state. In this case, if for the reason unknown to you the child is offended - do not leave him alone with this unpleasant feeling. Try to learn the reason, perhaps it is more serious, than you think.

3. If offense the child tries to manipulate you to achieve the desirable, then the best way to show it uselessness of such behavior is to ignore its offended look. Behave so as if you notice nothing, talk to him, tell something, Having been fond of the story, the child can quickly forget the discontent. If the child reacts so to a praise to other children, then it is necessary to disaccustom him to dependence on a praise of other people. Help it to develop self-confidence - it very much is useful to the child in the future. If the reason for offenses powerful, then it is worth drawing due consideration to it. It is necessary to teach the child to fight back the offender. It is good if you begin to accustom the child to express the emotions. It will be much easier for you if the kid tells because of what he is offended and why.

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