What to do if your kid suffers from travel sickness in the car

What to do if your kid suffers from travel sickness in the car

The cause of so-called "seasickness" is up to the end not studied by experts. According to one of versions it is considered that process of a motion sickness can result from immaturity of a vestibular mechanism of the baby. Though you can object absolutely fairly supposedly the newborn baby carried without problems, and after one and a half years the torture began.

Really, the problem of a rocking the child in the car can be shown not at once. In most cases kids aged after a year face it. As a rule, they become more active and do not want to carry out the road in a dream any more. The child begins to consider the cars of "picture" running outside the window that only worsens its state.

The parents who already tested these not palatable minutes desperately looks for various means which will help to facilitate a condition of the kid on the way. Unfortunately, universal ways do not exist. Be ready that you should suffer still some time. Experts say that they this problem of the child "outgrow", however at what age it will occur – it is unknown.

Several councils which, maybe, will not save you from a problem completely, but will facilitate unpleasant symptoms. So, first of all, try to establish a children's chair on a front seat. So your kid with concentration will look only forward. It can save him from a condition of dizziness.

One more way which is considered effective – to concentrate attention of the child on one subject. The essence is in to giving to the child excessively to twist the head. If your kid sits ahead or on a back seat, but is strict on the center, all its attention will be drawn only to the road. During driving concentrate attention of the child by cars which go strictly ahead of you.

Try to entertain the kid on the way. To make it extremely difficult if the child still absolutely small. However make every effort. Sing a favourite song of your child, let him look at you. Play fingers, tell rhymes and humourous catchphrases. In a word, distract the child from his unpleasant state.

Take with yourself to the road a kislenky apple or couple of segments of a lemon. Of course, it will not save your kid from "seasickness" for hundred percent. However the sosatelny reflex smoothes emetic a little. If the child is more senior than three years, then he can offer sosatelny lollipops, candies.

Remove all fragrances and air fresheners from the car. They only aggravate a situation. It is much better if you go to warm season with the slightly opened window. And in salon you can place a napkin on which several drops of essential oil, for example, of an eucalyptus are previously applied.

If all these ways do not help, then address your pediatrician. Perhaps, he will prompt you the homeopathic remedy suitable your kid taking into account his age.

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