What to do in the first months of pregnancy

What to do in the first months of pregnancy

So – you will become a mom soon. The habitual rhythm of life will exchange, priorities will change – everything will become absolutely differently. It is necessary to be prepared for it carefully, morally and physically. Of course, depends on whom as pregnancy proceeds, especially the first months much.

In the first months pregnancies the uterine and placentary barrier is not created yet. Therefore everything that you accept in food, with current of blood is delivered to the formed fruit. Begin to watch the diet carefully. Exclude completely alcohol and smoking. Do not allow to smoke at your presence to members of household. All medicines which you accept also get to the child. Therefore use them only by strict need, and before it consult to the doctor. If in the instruction there are contraindications to inclusion in pregnancy time, medicine it is better to replace with more harmless analog.

Food which you eat has to contain the balanced amount of proteins, minerals and vitamins. It is construction material for growth of the child, and he has to receive it in the necessary quantities for normal development. Refuse strong tea and coffee, these drinks raise a uterus tone. Begin to accept vitamins for pregnant women, in pharmacy to you will help to choose suitable medicine.

Future mom has to sleep well and experience positive emotions. If your work is connected with constant nervous tension, whenever possible pass to other position. The same treats harmful productions. Take in a habit daily walks in the fresh air, the growing kid needs enough oxygen. If you have any chronic diseases, consult with profile experts. The doctor will prompt how to carry out treatment of aggravation during pregnancy. Surely up to 14 weeks undergo inspection on genetic pathologies. During the outbreaks of respiratory diseases try not to be in the place of a big congestion of people and if not to avoid it – surely you wear a medical mask. It will help to avoid infection to you and the kid.

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