What to do that the baby did not freeze

What to do that the baby did not freeze

Fresh air is necessary for the kid and in the summer, and in the winter. Therefore even if on the street all white is white and the first frosts already knock at the door, it is all the same necessary to walk the newborn. Especially as in the winter air is much purer, than in the summer. The main thing that temperature on the street was higher - 10 wasps, and your child – it is correctly dressed.

How to take care that the baby did not freeze and did not catch a cold

That the child did not freeze in winter season, it is necessary to select correctly to it clothes. Do not listen to grandmothers who repeat that children should be dressed as it is possible more warmly moreover and to wrap up with a woolen blanket. If you follow such ridiculous advice, then risk to overheat the child, and it than good will not end. Besides that the warmed kid will freeze on cold, most likely, he also will catch a cold.

If you want that to the baby it was not cold, listen to councils of pediatricians. They recommend to put, instead of one very warm overalls, on the kid several more films of clothes. Put on better several T-shirts or high overshoes under a bottom, and several thin jackets, instead of one thick sweater.

That to the child it was not cold, take with yourself on the street several small plaids or a sheet, instead of one warm blanket. Also do not forget to put on a hood that wind gusts did not chill a small head.

If your child already wears boots, watch that they were with the present, but not faux fur. It is also best of all to choose footwear from genuine leather.

Buy for the kid overalls with the coming unfastened sheepskin. If you put on under it several high overshoes, jackets and socks, to your child will be precisely warm. Besides clothes, take care that the kid had a warm carriage. Use a special winter cradle or warm a usual carriage a blanket from natural wool or sheepskin which will protect even from strong wind.

When on the street it is very cold, do not forget about warm mittens that handles of the kid were in heat.

How many to walk with the child that he did not freeze and did not catch a cold

Children well sleep on a frost therefore if on the street above - 10 wasps, safely you come for walk. Walking in the winter within 1-2 hours, the kid will not manage to freeze if you correctly dressed him. If on the street below - 10 wasps or too strong and cold wind, you can arrange to the child small walk on the balcony. To make sure that the newborn did not freeze, you monitor his reactions, he will not be able to tell you yet, is cold to him or hot. Periodically check its nose – it has to be warm. If a nose cold, at the kid the hiccups began or he is capricious, so it froze and you need to dress it more warmly. Correctly dressed child will benefit from winter walks much. Listen to councils of pediatricians, and your first winter with the beloved child will become unforgettable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team