What to eat and drink at pregnancy

What to eat and drink at pregnancy

Pregnancy – a special time both for mom, and for her kid. Important during this period not to do much harm to itself and to eat properly. The simplest is to avoid all that was not eaten by our great-great-grandmothers. And at the use of vitamins – to observe their balance and it is obligatory to consult with the doctor.


1. It is not necessary to eat: – fat (if you cook broth – remove fat); – cocoa and chocolate and also coffee; – canned food; – mushrooms; – peas; – fresh barmy products and bakery products with oil creams; – sharp, sour and salty; – citrus, including oranges and lemons; – strawberry, raspberry and wild strawberry.

2. What is it is useful: – green onions, potatoes, cucumbers – a word, vegetables; – from fruit: pears, apples, apricots; – from berries: grapes, cherry, sweet cherry, watermelons; – milk and dairy products; – low-fat meat, low-fat fish (salty and dried – are cancelled); – dried fruits and dried fruits compotes; – green tea.

3. Some more councils: – Do not overeat! Especially do not eat for the night – it will not do any of you good. The stomach has to have a rest at night, but not digest food. And the kid has to sleep, but not eat. – If it is impossible, but there is a strong wish, then it is possible. – If you do not know, you want it is or not – it is better not to eat. – Avoid some alcohol by hook or by crook! If it is necessary to drink all the same, then drink only cahors wine or champagne, but slightly! – If there is a wish chalk, then you should not gnaw pieces of chalk and plaster. There is more civilized option – calcium a gluconate or calcium glycerophosphate and also cottage cheese with sour cream. – It is desirable to drink more and exactly water, but not tea or coffee. But at emergence of unpleasant feelings, hypostases or a nephropathy it is necessary to see a doctor at once and to coordinate with it drink mode. – At hypostases the brine or just salty food also helps. But it is necessary to use salt carefully and at approval of your attending physician! – When choosing a polyvitaminic complex pay attention to contraindications and individual intolerance of components. The most useful vitamins for you – vitamin D and folic acid (B9 or M vitamin). Folic acid promotes the correct cell fission of DNA and is not synthesized in an organism therefore it is extremely important to use it.

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