What to feed the child at a diarrhea and vomiting with

What to feed the child at a diarrhea and vomiting with

When the stomach begins to hurt the child, mummies cannot find any peace. And they can be understood: there is a wish, as soon as possible to save the kid from tortures. Diarrhea can be provoked by many factors: an infection in intestines, a stomach disease or banal poisoning with food that quite often is followed by a diarrhea and vomiting. And in such cases it is very important to adhere to the correct diet.

At vomiting and a diarrhea at the child the main thing provoke plentiful release of bile to avoid some food which have laxative effect or can lead to fermentation. At diarrhea do not give to the child dairy products at all: yogurt, cream, kefir or milk.

Breast milk is also not desirable, especially at a severe diarrhea or vomiting. However if your child still very small and not to do without chest feeding, then try not to use coffee during this period.

And also forget about the mushrooms, various marinades, smoked products, fat meat and vegetables having fibrous structure, for example, cabbage.

The child's diet at diarrhea:

1. All porridges made on water will be suitable for normal assimilation and fastening.

2. From fruit it is possible to give the peeled apples (only pieces) and bananas, juice, on the contrary, will be a purgative. You can combine all this with gray bread as in pure form, and in the form of crackers.

3. When the child has problems with a digestive tract, food, how many amount of liquid is important not so much. It is necessary to drink a lot of water. Part a sugar tablespoon, a teaspoon of salt and a half of a teaspoon of soda in 1 l of water. Such mix will fasten a chair, but, unfortunately, not all children maintain its taste.

4. During diarrhea it is also possible to connect herbs decoctions with the knitting effect: root of Kalgan or bark of an oak. They need just to be made and after cooling to give to the child on a tablespoon (for absolutely small you can begin with tea) 3 times a day.

5. At diarrhea it is important not to overfeed the child. If the kid opposes to food or does not want to begin a meal at all — do not rape him. His digestive system is infected now, and it needs time for restoration. Having clogged it with new food, you will make only worse.

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