What to feed the child at a diarrhea with

What to feed the child at a diarrhea with

The child at a diarrhea needs to be fed with the food excluding fermentative processes in intestines. It is better to steam or bake dishes. Fruit and vegetables cannot be given, except for bananas and apples.


1. The diarrhea at kids can be provoked by various factors – mechanical damage, intestinal infection, poisoning, gastrointestinal diseases, etc. The dietotherapy during this period has to pursue the aim "to fix", but not to "poslabit". In addition, it is worth limiting consumption of the food strengthening secretion of bile and work of intestines and also leading to fermentative processes in digestive organs.

2. The child on breastfeeding needs to be fed more often because maternal milk for it is a source not only food, but also water. The lack of the last just also needs to be filled. "Bottle-fed babies" can prepare less dense mix. However the volume of portions needs to be reduced that the stomach was not overloaded. And in all cases the kids need to give plain water.

3. The menu of the child of more advanced age has to include the easy dishes steamed, baked in an oven or boiled. It is better to crush a ready dish the blender or to wipe through a sieve. The child at a diarrhea can refuse food because the infection which is in its organism influences work of a stomach and intestines. When strengthening pressure upon a digestive tract the child sickens, as provokes his disgust and refusal of food. During this period to help bodies of a GIT it is possible to be restored by means of the rice broth, kissels, porridges cooked on water and stale bread.

4. As soon as the appetite appears, do not hurry to come back to a habitual diet – the weakened organism needs time to restore normal activity. Make for the kid mashed potatoes, bake apples in an oven. Buy meat only low-fat grades, giving preference to a bird and a rabbit or a nutria. Overwind meat on forcemeat and make steam cutlets. The same recommendations concern also fish.

5. Fermented milk products should be entered into a diet of the kid gradually. Kefir or fermented baked milk can be given only after these products stay in the fridge day. Try to make casserole from skim cheese. Porridges and kissels still have to take the main place in the menu, and here it is better to hold off consumption of fruit and vegetables so far. The exception is made by bananas and apples. As soon as the chair of the child returns to normal, and the appetite will completely be restored, it can cook vegetables, fruit dishes and other products which were forbidden it earlier, but only with a condition to continue to do it by means of an oven and the double boiler. Within 14 days the child should not give fried, spicy, salty and too greasy food.

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