What to feed the child in 10 months with

What to feed the child in 10 months with

Many young mothers notice that as soon as to the baby half a year is executed, the amount of milk begins to decrease. Ideally it is necessary to try to prolong breastfeeding about one year, but if the child does not gorge on, it is necessary to expand a diet.

Features of feeding of the child in 10 months

So, the child was 10 months old and at once there is a question: "And how to feed him?". If at the woman of rather breast milk, you do not stop feeding. In case of decrease in a lactation, milk of mother is replaced with kefir. If the woman for some reason in 10 months decided to disaccustom the kid to a breast, she has to know several rules. It is impossible to do it in the period of a disease of the child, his organism also is so weakened and excommunication from a breast will become an additional stress. The kid can have different complications, he will worse be on the mend, problems with work of intestines are possible. By the way, because of rotavirus infections it is not recommended to disaccustom the child to a breast during the summer period.

What to diversify a diet of the kid in 10 months with?

The diet of the kid in 10 months can be diversified with such products as boiled potatoes or vermicelli, to begin to give cottage cheese and casserole from it, fish and meat in a boiled look, hard cheese will also approach. It is necessary to tell that it is recommended to do quenelles for soup of fish and meat or steam cutlets, so it will be simpler to child to eat. In a diet of the kid there are already entered porridges, fruit and vegetables and also juice. In 10 months it is possible to cook for the child dried fruits compote and grass broths.

Experts recommend to add to the menu of the kid new products gradually that there was an opportunity to monitor allergic reaction to food. At the age of 10 months the child eats 5 times a day. The only thing that can change is time of meal, especially at those kids who are separated from a breast. It is considered that the optimum diet of the child of such age – is each 4 hours with a break for night sleep which lasts about 8-12 hours. However, not all children maintain so much without food therefore some mummies stock up with a small bottle of milk, water or compote. At the decimestrial child food becomes more dense that forces an organism to work more actively for its digestion. For example, the lunch at the kid of this age can be such: potatoes soup or noodles with meat, vegetables puree, bread and juice. It is necessary to try to do daily to varied menus, it is desirable to prepare for the kid on once something fresh. Many experts say that at this age the child can pass gradually to a table d'hote, but here parents solve. Everything depends on ways of cooking in family. After all it is better to protect from rich soups and fried second courses of the child of such age not to allow emergence of problems with digestion. And still an important point – you should not force the kid is with a great effort. Behavior it is possible to provoke at it negative attitude to food. Let eats gradually better, but with pleasure, from it there will be more advantage.

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