What to feed the one-year-old child in the train with

What to feed the one-year-old child in the train with

Regardless of what duration the future travel will have by rail, a question, than to feed in a way of the small child, remains more than relevant. If to attend to it in advance, then difficulties will not arise.

Choice of products

The best option for the one-year-old child is a ready baby food which range should be selected depending on his state of health and flavoring preferences. Among products of numerous producers it is possible to find all necessary to provide to the child a full-fledged diet.

For example, the wide range of porridges as nonmilk, and on the basis of mix, it is offered practically by each producer of baby food. Everything that is necessary for their cultivation, is a boiled water. If desired it is possible to find also the soups adapted for baby food which get divorced by the principle of porridges. If to take both, then already two full meals will be provided.

As second course it is possible to choose both ready puree with meat, and purely vegetable puree and meat mash in the form of children's canned food. But such diet will approach only in case the child normally treats vegetables from jars as some by a year already them outgrow and demand more thorough and tasty in comparison in squash puree on water of dishes. Fruit can be taken as in the form of the same puree, and whole. By a year children more than easily cope with banana and with pleasure gnaw apples or pears. Naturally, they have to be carefully washed up.

The number of jars depends on time spent in way and is gained by analogy with that number of meals which is required to the child on his age.

What to feed the child in the train with: what it is better to refuse

Even if in house conditions the child with pleasure uses products from a table of adults, then in the train those can become unless cookies or bread. Boiled chicken, eggs or potatoes, as well as any ready dish, can will be spoiled pretty fast and where the adult organism will digest them with ease, children's can react frustration of a chair (and it at best) already several hours later after the use.

Products which cannot be stored without a certain temperature condition can be given to the child within the first several hours of a way. To leave cottage cheese, children's kefir or other similar dishes is impossible next day.

What it is necessary to remember

Thinking of with what to feed the one-year-old child in the train, it is necessary to remember also liquid. Even if the kid is on breastfeeding, cultivation of porridges requires water, and it it is better to take bottled. It is possible to warm up it at conductors, usually they do not refuse this service to families with small children. It is not obligatory to boil bottled water.

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