What to feed the one-year-old child with

What to feed the one-year-old child with

The question of the organization of good baby food concerns careful parents, to make it various not so easily. By a year enters a diet of the kid already many products allowing to cook for it various dishes.

What to feed the child in a year with

By a year of the menu already reminds the adult's diet, that is at it there are full-fledged breakfast, a lunch, an afternoon snack and a dinner. But that is possible in case the child actively shows interest in food and is not inclined to allergic reactions. For some children milk of mother and in a year remains the main food. If there are no problems with an increase in weight, then especially you should not worry about it as each child is individual. On average in a day the kid has to receive a portion of vegetables, meat, fruit, porridge and also dairy products. Well, and how to divide them directly by quantity of meals - already personal record of parents. Some prefer to give porridge for breakfast, and others for dinner. The lunch can consist as of one soup, and also of second course. So in many respects everything depends on the child and his requirements.

The consistence of food should not be any more such homogenized which it was earlier. Presence at food of pieces trains the chewing device.

The approximate menu of the child in a year

The breakfast consisting of a portion of porridge with addition of fruit, cottage cheese casserole or oil and cheese sandwich. A lunch from vegetable soup and a portion of ragout with pieces of chicken or potatoes with steam cutlet. An afternoon snack from a portion of the cottage cheese, any fruit or cookies soaked in milk. An omelet, lazy cottage cheese vareniki or pasta dinner with cheese. These are only several ideas of that, what to feed with one-year-old child presented at the rate of providing the choice for three days.

The size of portions - also especially individual concept. Therefore you should not worry that instead of 200 porridge grams put to it on age the kid eats only 100. Food requirements at all are individual.

What else it is worth knowing about feeding of the one-year-old child

In selection of products the principle of balance is most important. That is if for lunch noodles were offered, then for dinner you should not give pasta. As well as if for breakfast there was a casserole with cottage cheese, it is not necessary to give it for an afternoon snack in pure form too. Also it is necessary to observe sense of proportion as delights on the fact that the child in a year with pleasure uses fried potato on fat or store dumplings, at least are not proved. Digestive system begins to be formed only therefore it is not necessary to overload it with heavy or frankly harmful products, otherwise subsequently it can lead to developing of gastritis, allergic manifestations and other difficulties.

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