What to make that the child slept tight

What to make that the child slept tight

That the child slept tight, watch the atmosphere in family. Avoid shouts, scandals and quarrels at the kid. Surely control observance of the mode. Besides, prepare a berth and provide normal conditions for a dream.

It is required to you

  • Favourite toy of the child


1. Create all conditions for a healthy sleep. Air the room as fresh air is necessary for good rest. Protect the kid from noise. If you put the child to bed, talk more quietly, lower TV loudness, avoid sharp and loud sounds. Block windows curtains that bright light of lamps did not get into the children's room and did not interrupt a sleep of the kid. In advance prepare a bed for the child. Correct a diaper and a pillow, remove all superfluous. If the baby prefers to sleep with toys, then leave one. But she has to be completely safe: without fine details, without sharp parts and without long pile.

2. That the kid did not wake up, observe a day regimen. It is necessary to awake and put the child to bed at the same time. Then the organism will get used and will be tuned at the right time into rest. Try to make so that the child was tired in a day. Then by the evening he anyway will want to sleep. But it is very important that the kid did not overtire and was not excited in the evening. Otherwise the baby because of excessive fatigue will be capricious and will not be able to fall asleep and to sleep tight. So plan quieter games for the second half of day and classes. And in the first half allow the child to have fun and splash out the energy.

3. The child can feel bad because of an intense situation in family. So if you want the child to sleep well, avoid quarrels and scandals. The kid can not understand words, but he perfectly feels intonation and mood of dad and mom. Therefore it is better to sort out the relations not at the child and it is quiet, without shouts and negative emotions.

4. The bad dream of the child is often connected with alarm. Such alarm can be caused by feeling of vulnerability or fear. Surely before going to bed stay with the child, talk to it, embrace it and kiss. The child will feel your heat and will calm down. It is possible to give to the kid a favourite toy, with it he will be able to feel protected too. If any fears prevent to sleep to the baby, then surely find out what the kid is afraid of. Explain that everything is good, calm the child. If he is afraid of the dark, then include a night lamp. At weak light the baby will sleep more strong.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team