What to make that there arrived milk

What to make that there arrived milk

In order that at the feeding mom there arrived milk, it is necessary to follow a number of elementary rules. Doctors came to a conclusion that practically each woman can nurse the kid. It is only necessary to have certain knowledge in the matter.

What promotes development of milk

Breast milk - the most healthy food for the kid. The value of breastfeeding for health of the newborn cannot be underestimated. Besides, such way of feeding is also very convenient. At young mom milk which does not need to be boiled is developed. Also it is not necessary to worry about degree of its freshness.

Often women complain that they have not enough milk and the child does not gorge on. Actually there is a large number of ways of stimulation of a lactation. The simplest and effective - frequent applying of the kid to a breast. Stimulation of nipples leads to production of the certain hormones which are responsible for stay of milk.

For this reason the modern doctors recommend to feed kids not on hours as it was earlier, and on demand. The more often the child will ask a breast, the better. Lead contact to strengthening of a lactation "skin to skin". Young mothers need to hold more often kids on hands, to embrace, stroke. Some pediatricians advise to try a joint dream. You should not worry that milk will come to an end if the kid often sucks a breast. It arrives in such quantity what at the moment is necessary. If the woman for some reason cannot feed the child, and the breast bulked up, it needs to decant milk. It will help to take off unpleasant effects and will provoke new inflow. Milk strongly arrives at night therefore doctors do not advise to refuse night feedings. It can lead to problems with a lactation.

Food and feeding by a breast

Milk is developed from blood components, but food can affect its structure. It is known that some products and drinks stimulate development of milk. In order that it arrived the strengthened rates, it is necessary to drink more liquid. At the same time it has to be warmed up. It is better to use it in 10 minutes prior to feeding. It is possible to buy in pharmacy ready collecting for strengthening of a lactation or to buy the dried herbs and to make them. Stay of milk is promoted by the use of broths of caraway seeds, an anise, nettle. For preparation of molokogonny tea it is possible to fill in the guest of the dried nettle leaves with boiled water liter, to insist within several hours, to filter and use 2-3 tablespoons before each feeding. Strengthening of a lactation is promoted by consumption of tea with milk. Cow's milk can just be added to ready tea, but to make drink on its basis even better. For this purpose it is necessary to fill a spoon of a dry tea leaf in milk and to boil.

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