What to occupy children of the house with

What to occupy children of the house with

When parents come from work, they have the only desire – to have a rest. But children do not give it to make. Of course, it is impossible to ask the child just to leave you alone, but it is always possible to think up interesting occupation in which you will take passive part.

1. Magic shkatulochka. Take an old casket or a sack, put different things there. It can be buttons, candy wrappers, empty jars, cut pictures, generally anything. As soon as the child asks to play with you, give this casket. Suggest to sort all things on small groups. On minutes 15-20 child will be busy. But be attentive, the child can swallow small things. It is gradually necessary to update casket contents.

2. Cinderella. Coffee beans, large haricot, shells for an aquarium mix in one bowl. Suggest the child to sort it on small groups. Such game not only will allow you to drink quietly tea, but also will develop fine motor skills of hands.

3. Clothespegs. Take to the child a detour from cardboard or a card and multi-colored clothespegs. Suggest the kid to fix to clothespeg cardboard in the flowers.

4. Game for the girl with hairpins. Girls have, as a rule, very many dolls, give a box where elastics are stored, hairpins and suggest to decorate with them all toys. Prompt to the child where it is possible to hook new ornament, on a dog or on hares.

5. Games for boys are paper clips. Put in a box many office bright paper clips. Suggest the child to connect paper clips among themselves, thereby forming chains. It is possible to do it competing in speed, but you can connect paper clips slowly, meanwhile relaxing whereas your kid tries to make actions quicker to overtake you.

6. Stickers. On the road from work home buy packing with stickers and a usual album. Suggest the child to paste over an album.

7. Spider line. It is necessary to give to the child several balls of threads. Suggest to weave a web, for example, between two chairs. Show how it should be done. Such occupation very fascinating and rather unusual. Also then on a web it is possible to arrange toys.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team