What to occupy the child in a year with

What to occupy the child in a year with

Difficulties of the first months of life of the child behind, your kid already explores the world and interacts with it. Now he not only eats and sleeps, it is a high time to diversify his life and to teach something new.


The way, quite acceptable for all mothers, to occupy the one-year-old child is to descend with it on walk. If weather warm and solar, take a carriage, a small bottle with water, dress the kid and take a walk in the fresh air. Walk on the park, show to the child trees, flowers, clouds, dogs and cats on the street, signs of shops.

If the child is not nervous when he is in others house, it is possible to pay to somebody a visit. The kid will get used to new faces and an interior.

Walk is very fascinating occupation for the one-year-old child. Many children like to take a nap in a carriage. In spite of the fact that walk in the fresh air – the best pastime for babies, you should not walk if on the street temperature is lower than 15 wasps or there is a heavy rain.

If your kid is already able to go, put on to him boots, perhaps he will a little walk itself on foot, will run about, will receive a heap of new impressions, and then will come back home tired and happy.

Always dress the child on weather, excessively wrapped up kid in hot day will be capricious and express discontent.


The choice of toys for one-year-old kids pleases with the variety. Peeping, ringing, turning, musical, shining, such bright and attracting the child. The kid at this age comprehends the world through a game, he examines, feels, tastes those objects which surround it. If you are methodically engaged with it, to show it as it is necessary to interact with any given subject, it will soon please you with new abilities. You do not stint and get for the child of a pyramid, a sorter, a baby doll, a tumbler toy, musical books from cardboard and other interesting toys. Recently bought thing with guarantee will occupy the kid for some time.

Cheerful bathing

Practically all kids adore spending time in water, this their favourite entertainment. It is possible to visit a paddling pool with the child, to teach him to float. In the evenings before going to bed bathe him in a heat bath. Do not forget to arm with ducks and soap bubbles.

Reading fairy tales

Very many kids adore listening as mom reads to them for the night. You should not acquaint every time the child with a modern history. Choose two-three fairy tales which he most of all loves and best of all understands, and read only them at least month. Soon the kid will begin to watch a plot, will begin to pay attention to illustrations and perhaps will even learn to repeat separate words after parents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team