What to occupy the child in the summer with

What to occupy the child in the summer with

The summer gives to children an opportunity not only to spend in the fresh air more time, but also to get acquainted with the mass of options of useful and interesting pastime - as with active participation of parents, and independent classes.


1. Saturation of summer walks and trips, as well as their subject, depends only on age of the child, his interests and mood of parents. Many classes do not demand any material investments, but can leave an essential mark in psycho-emotional development of the kid and also adjust relationship of "fathers and children".

2. For kids who only learned to go and actively learn the world, practically any walk can become a fascinating adventure. Girls very often cannot remain indifferent to flowers - from the simplest dandelions and camomiles to carefully grown up "elite" of beds, and boys with pleasure will get acquainted with various representatives of the world of insects - from caterpillars to bugs. However interests at children, as well as at adults, are individual - happens, and girls can spend a lot of time, watching butterflies and it similar.

3. Having a good time, you should not forget also about education - in the summer, admiring flowers, once the child explains a difference between flowers on a bed at which it is only possible to look, and wild-growing which will be suitable for a bouquet or a herbarium.

4. For the smallest a game in a sandbox can become excellent occupation. Besides interesting pastime, often exactly there children for the first time begin to find skills of socialization - "the" and "others" toys, respect for others work, experience of joint activity and exchange of views. The child can get all this as a result of games with peers in a sandbox.

5. Summer - a fine opportunity to combine pleasant with useful. For example, picking flowers, mushrooms or berries, it is possible to train the child in the account or to set earlier received skills. Drawing pieces of chalk - to repeat letters or to lose any situations demanding study. For example, if the child does not like to go to kindergarten, to unostentatiously show it as it is interesting to play with peers. It is much more fascinating to jump on sections together with the girlfriend, and in some games (drawn with pieces of chalk on asphalt) not to do without team at all.

6. Having spent some time for collecting various natural materials, the child it is possible to carry away creation of hand-made articles. Children of 4-7 years, and sometimes and earlier age, quite often with pleasure make of cones, acorns, etc. of fairy tale characters or just amusing figures. For this purpose, having come back home, it is only necessary to equip to the child "workplace", having supplied it with all necessary (paper, glue, plasticine, a foil, etc.). When there comes the winter, hand-made articles will not only be pleasing to the eye, but also to evoke the reminiscence connected with a warm summer time in memory...

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team