What to occupy the child of 10-12 years with

What to occupy the child of 10-12 years with

Psychologists consider that the teenage period at the child - one of the most difficult. Then to it the attention of parents and also good interesting hobbies is extremely important. They will help it to be defined with further life, to choose work to liking, will distract from temptations to which the teenagers deprived of care of adults so often give in.

Teenage age - with what to occupy the child

One of the most important aspects of education of the child is his physical development. Endurance and a good muscular system - guarantee of health and productive study. Therefore it is very important to parents to create the correct spirit of the child, offering it at choice different sports sections. Now in them there is no shortcoming. The big tennis, different types of fitness, contact sports, swimming, dances - the choice is huge. That the child could choose work to liking, it is possible to write down it on trial trainings in several sections. It will be so simpler to be defined to what it has a predisposition. And, of course, it is worth to remember about a personal example. If parents spend all weekend at home in front of the TV - to explain to the teenager that the sport is useful, it will be very heavy.

Many teenagers with pleasure go to various circles and sections together with friends. If to bring together the company of the children who are carried away by favourite business it is possible to be sure practically that they will not stop being engaged in it.

Besides sports development it is necessary to interest the teenager in various logical problems. A game in chess, checkers, "Monopoly" and even usual forfeits develop logic and ability it is non-standard to think. And it very much is useful to the teenager in adulthood. In modern realities with the high competition in the labor sphere to find an interesting, highly paid job quite difficult. And many HR managers look not so much at the diploma or experience, and at how the person behaves on an interview, how fast and competently answers questions.

There are especially difficult turning points when the child flatly refuses to be engaged in something. You should not impose him a hobby, it will only complicate business. Wait one or two months, and try once again.

Difficult years - how to cope with teenage "I do not want"

During a transition period from the childhood by youth many children become very stubborn. In these summer hormonal reorganization suits to an organism the real crash test. The child cries, laughs, aggressively reacts to remarks of parents, in every possible way proves the independence. For this reason it is possible to impose to him. Best of all the offer of any given occupation works. It is possible to go with the teenager to tournaments and competitions and to look what of them caused positive reaction. The same and with various logical classes. Having in common studied a little, it will be possible to understand what of them is the most interesting to the child. And always to remember that at the beginning even to the most independent teenager unostentatious parental care is very important. This support will help it to endure failures which often happen at the very beginning of development of new business.

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