What to occupy the child of the house on a quarantine or self-isolation with

What to occupy the child of the house on a quarantine or self-isolation with

Most of parents like to stay at home with kids. Together it is possible to draw, play, read. But what to do if all classes are already tried, and it is impossible to leave the house? What it is possible to occupy the child of the house on a quarantine with or in self-isolation that all were happy: both children, and parents?

The main thing – do not panic

If the long period which needs to be spent with the child at home is necessary, stock up with patience, it precisely is required. Day (or hour) will inevitably come when the imagination runs low. Adults are just physically not capable to be "perpetual motion machine" and the inventor, such as most of kids therefore are irritated, without receiving a portion of rest and rest. Children on the contrary, are angry when they them infinitely urge to calm down. The only exit in the conditions of the forced self-isolation – to reach compromise.

Gadgets – not option

Do not try to distract the child computer games. Yes, they for a while provide rest of parents, but then the boomerang effect occurs. The overexcited child requires high physical activity and attention, gets quickly tired and irritated. Let's children watch animated films or to play computer games it is dosed, no more than an hour a day. It you minimize irritability of both younger family members, and their parents.  

Use make-shifts

If to ask the child, than it is possible to play, then the answer will be obvious – with everything! And it is the truth. Try to look at the world with eyes of the kid. It for adults a pillow and a blanket only accessories to a dream. For the child it is possible to build the wonderful house from them, having covered with a blanket two chairs and having put a pillow on a floor. And in such lodge it is possible to do anything! All secret that children just will not let adults in the own fantastic lock and parents will be able to go about the own business at last.

Offer the child the old paper or newspapers and glue. Let the kid tear paper into small pieces, skatyvat multi-colored balls and pastes them on previously drawn contour. Preschool children will cope with such task, without distracting adults. Perhaps then parents should wipe glue from a floor, but, you see, free time for work from home or rest is worth it.        

Option for younger preschool children. Paste strips of a color adhesive tape on any surfaces which are well wiped. Suggest the kid to tear off at first these strips, and then to paste new. This occupation not only helps to pass away time on a quarantine, but also well develops fine motor skills of hands. To children is more senior it is possible to find an old board, to attach to it sheets of paper and here, the art workshop is open! 

Quarantine or self-isolation – not it is evil as can seem. The most important – do not push away the child with his ideas what strange they to you would not seem. Play together, draw, read, do sports, it will help you to approach and better to understand each other. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team