What to occupy the child on autumn vacation with

What to occupy the child on autumn vacation with

Autumn vacation – not the best time for walks. On the street it is raining, the child wants to sleep and watch cartoons only. However, vacation is a long-awaited break from school therefore they need to be carried out with benefit.


1. Let's the child be too lazy. Let he will get enough sleep on the weekend, will play on the computer much, will just have a rest.

2. After "lazy" weekend, let's the child perform homeworks (if they were set for vacation). It will help it to be exempted from an unpleasant thought that lessons are not made.

3. After that, you can safely go with the child to walk. If opportunities allow, organize a travel. Otherwise, it is possible to begin with usual walk to the forest.

4. On autumn vacation, theaters organize various children's performances. Study the poster and, perhaps, you will choose something interesting for the child.

5. Organize a trip to other city. In advance think over your route, choose the museums which you want to visit. Teach the child to navigate with a map. Then your road to the museum to turn into a fascinating travel.

6. Sign up the child on classes in horse-racing club. Such sport will not allow your kid to freeze, and horses will present to the child excellent mood.

7. Occupation volunteering will be suitable for seniors. They can participate in any charitable actions. For example, to spend day in an animals shelter, to clean the territory of kindergarten or to plant a tree in the next yard.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team