What to occupy the child on the way with

What to occupy the child on the way with

That children did not get bored and were not capricious on the way, play with them games or think up for them tasks. The road will not seem such long and the child will fall in love to travel.

1. Think up together with the child the fairy tale and your fantastic adventure. And let the traffic police officer - will be a guard on the ways to the magic country, trees - the bewitched people, and road signs actually designate completely different in fantastic language. Begin to tell the fairy tale, and the child let continues or makes changes and additions.

2. Do not forget to record children's songs on a disk or the USB-carrier and together you learn and sing along with a song. And here it is not recommended to read, watch animated films and to draw on the way - the child can rock to sleep.

3. Play ""Alphabet"". In turn on each letter of the alphabet you find a subject which begins with this letter. It is possible to call objects which are also in the car, and outside the window.

4. If the child is able to read - give him the card. Let him watch the road and consults the map. And also tells as the small river which flows directly or the city which is seen at the left is called. When the child sees a route before eyes, it will not ask questions apropos ""how many to us still to go"". Also you can suggest the child to choose places for stops. 5. Give to the child in hands the old, but working camera or phone with the camera. Suggest it to photograph all small rivers, or red cars which are found on the way or still something. 6. If the child is already able to consider or only studies, suggest it to consider the sums of numbers which are on license plates of the next cars. 7. During the trip you can learn some small rhyme. Only surely simple and positive. The child will repeat his all road and by that will train memory. The main thing do not abuse the child if he for the 20th time begins to tell the same rhyme. 8. Do not refuse listening of audiobooks. It can be both informative stories, and fairy tales. Do not forget to discuss just heard with the child. 9. If you drive the car in a holiday, at the sea or to relatives, then try to make the plan together with the child: where you will go that you will do what daily routine will be. It not only will help to pass away to you time on the way, but also will help the child easier to adapt to change of the place. 10. Ask each other riddles, and in children is more senior it is possible to solve in common crossword puzzles or to play sea battle. When it is not boring for the child, time on the way passes quickly. And if the child likes to travel on the car, then you will be able together with it and to show interesting places of our Homeland.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team