What to occupy the school student on summer vacation in the city with

What to occupy the school student on summer vacation in the city with

The school student's task for the period of summer vacation is to gain strength, to receive new impressions. Besides, the child has to get healthier, have a rest actively. To achieve all these objectives can be difficult. Especially in the conditions of the city. But also remaining here, it is possible to interest the school student in useful affairs and entertainments.


1. For a start make the plan of all actions and classes. It will help to discipline also you, and and the child. It is possible to issue the plan in the form of the poster, having for descriptive reasons hung up it on a wall.

2. Several hours a day will be enough for performance of the tasks developing cogitative, mental capacities. To solve puzzles, to solve rebuses and it is interesting, and it is useful. The home reading is also obligatory.

3. Alternate intellectual classes to rest and physical activity. The school student can already help parents with housework, performing easy tasks. Let he will water flowers, will dust, will sweep.

4. Find time for development of creative abilities of the child. For example, after viewing the children's movie or a cartoon ask the kid to draw his favourite heroes. The school student is more senior let will think up and will write continuation of history.

5. Do not forget about cultural visits of the museums and on exhibitions. They will help esthetic and intellectual development. Before visit of the museum explain to the child of the rule of conduct in such institutions in advance.

6. Surely provide foot walks, campaigns on the beach. Also picnics outdoors will be useful and interesting to the child. Active games with friends on air are also necessary.

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