What to occupy with child when mom wants to have a rest

What to occupy with child when mom wants to have a rest

Sometimes the person has an insuperable desire to stay alone with itself. To quietly drink a tea cup, to sit at the computer at least a half-hour, to look at favourite transfer. But if you mom of the 2-3-year-old child, then you can present it only in dreams. The child constantly follows you. How to manage and allocate for itself at least 15-20 minutes a day?


1. Ask the child to bring from other room of a yellow hare, the red truck or the train. Search of these toys will take some time, and, it is possible that the child will be late longer, becoming interested in toys. If he satisfies your request, give him a new task - let bears five objects of round shape, or beginning on the letter ""R"". The child becomes more senior, the more difficult there have to be tasks. Except that the child distracts from you, he also trains attentiveness, memory, repeats the account, letters, forms, colors.

2. Arrange with the child of a game task. Let he will feed all toys, will put to bed dolls or will overtake all machines in a garage. Offer tools for performance of tasks. For example, a clean empty jar from under food from which he will feed animals, or the book which dolls should read.

3. Get ""a magic sack"". In this sack put small toys, empty bubbles, ribbons, stoppers of plastic bottles, clean stones, a beads. All that for adults an unnecessary trifle, and for children - surprising treasures. Besides, at your place for certain there will be packages of old clothes, caskets with unnecessary jewelry or hairpins for hair. The kid who received such bag for about 20 minutes will precisely leave you alone. Periodically update contents, add something new there, and do not give it to the child too often. Do not forget about safety of these objects for the child at all. Giving in hands to him this treasure you have to be absolutely quiet for his life and health.

4. Watching TV in the evening, take for a habit to cut out beautiful pictures from old magazines, packings, etc. It will calm you, and such pictures can interest the child of 4-5 years very much.

5. If the child surely uses such tool as scissors, give it unnecessary newspapers or magazines. Let cuts out pictures, tears, does everything that to it will want.

6. The most widespread and effective way to achieve loneliness is to include to the child animated films. It is possible to use audiobooks, a slideshow, etc. But this way not the most useful to health of the developing organism. Try to resort to its help less often.

7. It is possible to try to ask to help - to dust, touch the child to you to a croup, to spread out some things in places.

8. Ask the kid to descend on kitchen and to look whether the teapot boils or what bulb burns on the washing machine. It is possible to ask to raglyadet something in a window - options the weight, a condition one - do not forget about safety of the child.

9. It is possible to give the chance to the child to be engaged in the same, than and you. You read - let and he considers pictures in the book. You sit at the computer - give him the old keyboard, let too presses keys.

10. Itself can also use the bought toy in the help. Do not wait so far the child in it will play enough, and it will bore him, move away her for a while. Let will have a rest from each other. Later it can be useful to you again as the maneuver distracting from you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team