What to prepare for the child in 1.5 years

What to prepare for the child in 1.5 years

For the child at the age of 1-1.5 years the special food allowance has to be observed. Many mothers have a question that it to prepare that was and tasty and it is useful. Several simple recipes will help you to resolve this task.

Carrot salad

Small carrots should be washed and cleaned. After that it is small grated on an average grater, add granulated sugar and filled with sour cream. On 100 g of carrots it will be required: 10 g of sour cream, 5 g of granulated sugar.

Green salad

Salad leaves carefully get over. Sticks should be separated. Leaves wash out in cool flowing water. After that they are small cut. The fresh cucumber washes and cleaned from a thin skin. It should be chopped and mixed small with leaves and the cut egg. Salad kefir or sour cream refuels. For preparation it will be required: 1/4 eggs, 50 g of cucumbers, 3-4 leaves of salad, 10 ml of kefir or sour cream.

Beet and cranberry salad

Beet needs to be washed, cleaned and boiled in slightly added some salt water. After that it is small rubbed and filled with cranberry juice, sugar syrup and cream. For preparation of this salad it will be required to you: 100 g of beet, 5 ml of sugar syrup, 10 g of cream, 5 ml of cranberry juice.

Semolina souffle

From milk and semolina it is necessary to cook viscous porridge. After that butter is added, and all consistence is well shaken up. Let's cool down to a few porridge and add 1 egg. Fresh apple needs to be washed, peeled, cut pieces and to boil in water. Connect ready apples to semolina porridge and fill in all with sugar syrup. The received weight is shifted in the enameled ware greased with butter. Souffle on a steam bath within 30-40 minutes is cooked. For its preparation the following ingredients are required: 1/4 pieces of egg, 5 g of butter, 100 ml of milk, 10 g of semolina, 50 g of apples, 10 ml of sugar syrup.

Ready semolina souffle should be stored in the refrigerator no more day.

Meat broth

For the child it is more preferable to cook meat broth from beef meat (a breast, a shovel). Also it can be prepared from a bird or meat bones. Before cooking of a bone or meat it is necessary to wash with water well. At first meat is boiled within 5-7 minutes. After that wash out and cook until ready. Approximately in 40 minutes until the end of preparation add onions, white roots of a celery, carrots to broth. You should not clean and slice onions completely. Skim with it only thin skins.

Previously well wash onions with cool water.

The celery and carrots clean, wash with cold flowing water and cut lengthways in half. Before a bookmark in the boiling broth they are roasted in a dry frying pan before formation of a golden crust. In 20-30 minutes until ready broth is salted. For preparation it will be required to you: 10 g of vegetables, 300 ml of water, 50 g of meat, 1.5 g of salt.

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