What to present to the child in a year

What to present to the child in a year

Thinking of what to present to the child in a year, not only distant relatives and the birthday boy's acquaintances, but also parents sometimes come to the deadlock. It is connected with the fact what is wanted to present a thing really necessary which is useful to the child in the nearest future.

The developing toys

At this age the kid takes the first steps and shows active interest in the world around therefore the gift to the child in a year has to be corresponding and stimulating informative skills. The musical toys running on batteries in which by means of pressing of buttons various sounds join can become that. Such toys teach the child to relationships of cause and effect and also train fine motor skills. Toys sorters in which it is necessary to place more fine details in the openings corresponding for them work on improvement of the last. At the same time the form of toys can be various, from a simple square to the whole lodge or the engine on wheels. Also guests can present to the birthday boy the simplest sets of designers intended for the smallest.

It is worth to remember also about books. At this age it is more preferable what cardboard sheets have. Especially children like musical books.


If the cost of a gift is not basic, then parents or relatives can buy the sledge, the first bicycle with the handle for driving which can become already closer by one and a half years a fine alternative to a carriage. An interesting gift can become the car by which move sitting, making a start legs from the earth. And though in a year it will be still heavy to child to master skills of driving, the musical module which at such cars is present, for certain will make an impression.

Dolls, machines, soft toys

Here everything depends on sex of the child as a universal gift are only soft toys which, however, are not always recommended to small children because of their treatment by dust. In a year, dolls, and boys of the machine already begin to interest girls, but it is necessary to select such in which there will be no fine and injury-causing details. For the same reason it is not necessary to buy toys, too small by the size.

If after all there is a wish to present soft toy, then more interesting will be that that it is equipped with the musical module inside.

What else can be a gift for a year

It is possible to buy a toy the wheelchair on the long handle, set for a game in sand, a fabric tunnel or a lodge tent. In the presence of the big free area as a gift the plastic hill will approach and these are some options allowing to find a gift with any level of prosperity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team